The subsidiary of Network Innovations NIC4 was assigned a contract for a prototype of the Satellite Communications Service Provider Registry (SATCOM) for the U.S. Space Forces (USSF).

The company’s software development efforts will support the USSF Space Systems Command (SSC).

The contract was awarded as another transaction authority agreement (OTA) within the Space Enterprise Consortium (SpEC).

This is the fourth major award of NIC4 under the US Enterprise Management and Control (EM&C) program.

The SPR prototype aims to provide an authoritative and structured catalog of SATCOM’s military and commercial services that can be assigned to meet SATCOM’s needs for US Department of Defense (DoD) operations.

According to the company, the SPR prototype is an important component for EM&C, which brings together knowledge of terminals, missions, services and threats to the delivery of satellite terminals for mission operations.

The SPR prototype will also record the parameterization of the space and descriptions and infrastructure of the terrestrial segment.

USSF SSC SATCOM Lt. Col. Lt. Col. Gary Thompson said: “The SPR prototype is our next step in reaching our first EM&C capability.

“It focuses on SATCOM’s integrated overall operational picture with warnings, health and status and operational readiness of terminal, space and ground-based components, delivering SATCOM when and where needed worldwide.

The company will develop and deliver the application in secure and cloud design and as a set of scalable microservices.

A platform provided by the government as a service will host the implementation.

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