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This is a good day for miners struggling to make ends meet in front of Nvidia Lite Hash Rate (LHR) GPUs. Digging platform NiceHash has announced that it has finally defeated Nvidia’s anti-digging technology, which reduces card hashrate. Unlike similar reports in the past, this seems legitimate. The only caveat is that it works on most, but not all, Nvidia 30-series GPUs.

The company made the announcement in a blog post, saying that most Nvidia LHR GPUs can now dig at 100 percent with their software. Previously, LHR-enabled GPUs could only dig to about 50 percent of their maximum capacity for Ethereum. One important distinction is that the bypass is only available in NiceHash’s QuickMiner (Excavator). This is a more user-friendly version of its NiceHash Miner software. He says support for this new feature will come in a more stable version of Miner’s software soon. NiceHash provided a screenshot showing the hashrate of the RTX 3080 Ti running at almost twice the speed of an LHR card (below). Normally this GPU would reach around 70MH / s, but can run at 120MH / s with bypass. Note that you must use QuickMiner v0.5.4.0 RC, as the stable version (v0.5.3.6) does not offer full unlocking capabilities. The software currently only works on Windows. Sorry Linux miners, but it looks like you’ll have to wait a while.

With the introduction of the NiceHash solution, hashing speeds are doubled. (Image: NiceHash)

You’ll notice above that we said that the workaround applies to “most” 30-series Nvidia GPUs, but not all. According to Tom’s hardware Nvidia has introduced the 3rd generation (v3) LHR algorithm in its latest GPUs. For whatever reason, NiceHash’s decision can’t beat this last iteration. This means that it does not work on RTX 3050 and RTX 3080 12GB. The site is testing this by running QuickMiner on 12GB 3080 and 3080 Ti. The LHR 3080 was moving at 65MH / s, while the non-inhibited 3080 Ti was above 100MH / s. Tom notes that previously the same GPU could only reach 77MH / s. They note that the example of NiceHash for 120MH / s is only possible with aggressive overclocking.

Nvidia has begun limiting the digging performance of its 30 Series GPUs since its launch, as growing demand for cryptocurrency has made the already difficult situation untenable. Although the Ampere went on the market in September 2020, the company did not begin producing LHR GPUs until May 2021. This meant that the original batch of cards had no limiters, including RTX 3090, 3080, 3070 and 3060 Ti. All subsequent GPUs were LHR models, although people have been trying to find a way around the lock since it was released. This news from NiceHash seems to be the first 100% unlock without malware attached. Once the Ampere is officially completed and released as a family, it seems unlikely that Nvidia will do anything about it. We doubt it will take the trouble to re-launch cards with the latest v3 LHR version. Even if Nvidia releases a new driver for its cards, the existing driver is working on a workaround, so it would be a futile effort.

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