Prime Videos Night sky it may not be the highest-octane sci-fi thriller, but the boy finished season 1 with a bang. Franklin and Irene York (huge JK Simmons and Sisi Spacek) have had their share of difficulties, but after smoothing out a few inequalities in their relationship, they are ready to take the next chapter … into space.

Slide your diving helmets and make a giant leap into this explanation at the end. Furthermore, let us look at the ongoing questions that we still need answered.

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Byron (Adam Bartley) has his head in the stars.

Amazon Studios

Byron is still missing

After Byron persuades his new friend Frank to let him go out on the alien planet, he inevitably goes beyond the point where Frank’s walkie-talkie can reach his. Frank goes to the observatory and tries to call Byron one more time, but without dice. Where the hell did Byron go? (We have a pretty good idea based on this great final revelation.)

“What’s on this planet?”

Frank asks Jude this question, and Jude’s vile answer is, “Nothing.” Come on, Jude, we know you’re lying.

Tony discovers his father’s identity (something like)

There is a lot of talk about Tony inheriting her family’s legacy, but no one is kind enough to explain what that means. Well, while Cornelius (Piotr Adamczyk) – and yes, it took until the last episode to even learn Cornelius’ name – is committing himself.

“You’re so close to God and you don’t even realize it,” he says. Caleb, Cornelius reveals, is Tony’s father, which is probably why Stella got cold when Nick raised him earlier. Where is Caleb? Apparently in a place called Caerul – another mystery. At least we know Cornelius wants to take Tony there.

Tony and her mother Stella face each other in a room.

Stella (Juliet Zilberberg) keeps Tony (Rocio Hernandez) in ignorance of the Guardians.

Chuck Hodes / Amazon Studios

Stella finds who she is looking for

The man – not something – Stella and Nick had been looking for all this time was Jude, also known as the Apostate. This is the word for someone who abandons their religion or faith, something that saw Jude end up killing another person to escape. To protect the Yorkies, Jude surrenders to Stella, who we find to be the guardian. Her mission: Kill the apostate.

As they have a less friendly conversation, Jude reveals that he knows Stella. She met his mother when he was a little boy. There was a ceremony, probably related to the Guardians, because Jude continues to mock Stella: “I never understood the Guardians. All these victims. For what? To protect something from which they will never be part of “

Stella and Tony make Thelma and Louise

Eventually refusing to kill Jude and pacify Tony, Stella chooses to run away from the Guardians. She and Tony pledge to leave their home in Argentina – to leave their community and faith. This puts them in serious danger, but at least they have a bargaining chip: the bound Cornelius, whom they can give up to stop the Guardians from pursuing them.

Jude has a road map

Jude finds an address from his father Gabriel in his copy of The Count of Monte Cristo, which he left for Jude at Hannah’s B&B. Jude puts the coordinates – written in what looks like an alien language – into the camera’s control panel, hoping they’ll take him and his new companion, Denise, straight to his father. They enter the hall and end up in Thailand, somewhere in Bangkok.

Jude is sitting on the couch in Yroks' living room reading The Count of Monty Christo.

What an interesting book, in more ways than one.

Chuck Hodes / Amazon Studios

Who the hell is Hannah?

We already knew that the chatty hostess of the B&B wasn’t what she looked like – certainly none of her guests were bargaining for a secret surveillance room and a behind-the-scenes worker watching York’s activities. After she and the rest of her mysterious cohort overcome Stella and Tony’s van, Hannah talks to Cornelius and we discover that Hannah is another runaway apostate. “Welcome to the fallen world,” Hannah says fearfully. What does she mean by Stella, Tony and Cornelius?

Diving into space

Without learning from Byron’s overconfidence, Frank travels across the rocky terrain of an alien planet beyond Irene’s walkie-talkie. He finds a dead man wearing an old-fashioned shirt with large stitches. A knife protruded from his torso. Frank then takes a nap when his air suddenly runs out before Irene comes to his aid.

Then comes the great revelation: Irene and Frank, who can breathe air without an oxygen tank, hear the distant sound of bells and look across the next ridge to a beautiful civilization, half-enclosed in domed walls. Could this city be Caerul? It certainly seems to be something like a promised land given to people by God.

Lots of questions

This finale prepares us for a big second season (although there is still no official green light), which can see York and Co. track the various missing people who have traveled the Earth through cameras or to the mysterious planet. Byron, Gabriel and Caleb have worried family members looking for their whereabouts.

Hannah could be the new villain of season 2, even if she fights against the Guardians. And what about these old coins? Do they come from an alien planet? Finally, in general, we still don’t really know the purpose of the cameras. All we know is that they are all connected like a network of doors. What’s the bigger picture here?

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