Speedrunning video games and this is especially true when it comes to retro titles. Nintendo is getting in on the trend with a Named Nintendo World Cup: NES Editionwhich comes out on July 18. It’s all about speed-running through the classics, like Legend of Zelda, Metroid and Super Mario Bros.by the way.

This comes in the form of 150 speed challenges drawn from 13 NES games, which looks very familiar to these coolies. There will be global online leaderboards to give a tournament feel, and 8-player local co-op. The game will also feature an auto-rewind feature, allowing people to try and try until they succeed.

If the name Nintendo World Championships sounds familiar, that’s because it’s taken from . This is the brand of the company , when Nintendo visited 29 cities across the country. This first national tournament also with mini games based on Super Mario Bros., tetris and Rad Racer. Only a few hundred of those were made for, no joke, $175,000. The last time we looked at this cartridge, it was selling for $5,000 to $10,000. Retro-flation is real, yes.

Pre-orders for the digital version are currently available on the eShop, but a physical edition is also forthcoming. This version will include 13 art cards, five pins, and a physical play cart. It will also include a gold commemorative NES cartridge, although it is sadly non-functional. Come on Nintendo! Make this thing functional so I can sell it for $175,000 in 30 years. The digital version of Nintendo World Cup: NES Edition costs $30 and the deluxe physical package costs $60.

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