The latest VE-Trac modules based on silicon carbide (SiC) provide the next generation of electric vehicles with longer mileage, higher efficiency and faster acceleration

onsemi (Nasdaq: ON), a leader in smart power and sensor technology, today announced that global automotive innovator NIO Inc. has selected the latest VE-TracTM Direct SiC power supplies from onsemi for its next-generation electric vehicles (EVs). Silicon carbide (SiC) based power supply modules allow longer range, higher efficiency and faster acceleration for EV. The cooperation between the two companies accelerates the commercialization of SiC technologies to bring to market electric vehicles equipped with advanced semiconductor materials.

At the heart of EV, the main traction inverter converts battery energy into large amounts of torque and acceleration. The VE-Trac Direct SiC is an integrated one-way direct cooling (SSDC) power supply module in a configuration of six low-resistance packages with a power of 1.7 mohm. This platform applies the second generation SiC MOSFET technology from onsemi to achieve new levels of performance, efficiency and quality, while sharing a compatible footprint of the package with its predecessor IGBT. The integrated base plate with pins allows direct liquid cooling and easy assembly, which allows maximum power and more efficient heat dissipation.

“Of all the solutions we looked at, VE-Trac Direct SiC traction modules offered the best performance during testing, which allowed us to expand the scope of our new European Driving Cycle (NEDC) by 4% compared to the current silicon solution, “said Alan C. Zeng, senior vice president of NIO. “Onsemi convinced us with the high productivity and reliability of its products, as well as the excellent support from its engineering and management team. We look forward to working with onsemi to bring more innovative electric vehicles to market for generations to come. ”

The VE-Trac offerings, including the previously introduced VE-Trac Dual and VE-Trac Direct platforms, are available in silicon-based IGBT and SiC with different voltages and for traction inverter power from 100 to 250 kW. With its standardized mechanical footprints and extended rated power, the VE-Trac family of products is designed to effortlessly scale the power of EV, accelerating the adoption of hybrid and battery electric vehicles (BEVs).

“This design collaboration is the culmination of onsemi’s significant efforts to develop the right technology for emerging applications such as intelligent electric vehicles,” said Simon Keaton, executive vice president and general manager of Power Solutions Group at onsemi. “Onsemi is the only provider of silicon carbide solutions with the possibility of vertical integration, including growth of SiC boule, substrate, epitaxy, device manufacturing, best-in-class integrated modules and discrete package solutions. We are rapidly expanding our SiC capacity and are uniquely positioned to meet the growing electric vehicle market by providing delivery, performance, quality and customized SiC end solutions.

NIO is a pioneer in the market for first-class intelligent electric vehicles, thanks in part to its unique service-oriented battery (BaaS), a groundbreaking innovation in both technology and business models. The carmaker, which is leading the wave of adopting smart EVs and BEVs in China, is gaining significant market share and is seeking to change the way consumers use these vehicles and increase their overall ownership experience.

onsemi will showcase its intelligent power solutions and sensors, including VE-Trac platforms, at PCIM Europe 2022 at Messe Nuremberg, Hall 9, Booth 330 from 10 to 12 May.

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NIO Selects High-Efficiency Silicon Carbide Traction Power Modules from onsemi

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