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Switches are electromechanical components that control current flow by connecting and disconnecting an electrical circuit. Even the popularity of touch screens has not changed the fact that they are still the leading method of user-device interaction. Therefore, they perform an extremely important function and at the same time appear to be such simple elements that many engineers do not pay due attention to the selection of the correct component. Indeed, the multitude of switch types and models available on the market can be overwhelming. However, it is worth looking for products where quality and reliability go hand in hand with an attractive price. An example can be the products of NKK Switches, a Japanese manufacturer that has been operating since 1953 and has established itself as a leader in innovation in switch manufacturing. The company’s products are widely ranked as the best in the industry and many of the company’s solutions have become standard, including Sliding double cross member (STC)a mechanism that ensures high reliability and stable operation of the switch. TME offers more than 100 models of NKK switches, including rocker, slide, rotary and miniature switches.

Below we present the three most popular product groups in TME’s offer.

Switches NKK

Toggle switches are universal switches widely used in electronics and industrial automation due to their high durability and ease of use. Two-state and three-state Switches NKK it can be used in, among others, mobile devices, industry, transportation and medicine, i.e. in very demanding environmental conditions where at the same time durability is crucial. The wide selection of products in this group facilitates the work of designers who do not have to make compromises, having the possibility to choose the optimal switch in terms of dimensions, connections, switching method or to choose between two or three states.

Switch A12AB

Electronics, including switches, are becoming increasingly compact. The A, B, D2 and G series switches are compact switches designed to save valuable PCB space. These elements, based on a patented STC mechanism, are enclosed in a sealed housing, making them suitable for PCB mounting by wave soldering. In addition, the B series has an anti-static design, impregnated with carbon, which protects the unit from the risks of electrostatic discharge. NKK Switches components are characterized by high mechanical and electrical durability, which can be up to one million cycles for selected G series models. The M and S series are IP68 rated waterproof switches, expanding the range of potential applications to include devices, working in particularly demanding environments.

It is worth noting that regardless of the type of switch, NKK keys are available in many contact configurations, including the most common: single-pole, single-throw (SPST); single pole, double throw (SPDT); and double pole, double throw (DPDT).

Buttons NKK switches

Pushbutton switches are commonly used in almost every electronics market segment. Computers, consumer electronics, white and brown appliances are the most popular examples. These switches are used to turn off the circuit only when the button is pressed, but can also operate in a bistable mode where successive actuations alternately turn the circuit off and on. Depending on the model, NKK buttons it can withstand a voltage of up to 250 V (AC and DC) and a current of up to 5 A, with a contact resistance ranging from 10 mΩ to 200 mΩ.


Button switch AB15AH

In addition to such characteristics as life and reliability, the aspect of usability is also of great importance. Aesthetics and ergonomics are at the fore, and customers value products that provide user comfort. NKK buttons are available in a wide range of sizes. The micro switches of the GB series, thanks to their weight of only 0.25 g, are ideal for portable devices. At the opposite pole are switches of the LB and LP series, i.e. larger switches that offer high mechanical and electrical durability in addition to ease of use. In selected models, the manufacturer has decided to use a modular design, so you can choose a button according to the required functionality; by choosing the appropriate fronts or backlight you can achieve the desired look of the button.

Slide switches NKK

NKK switches manufactures 2-, 3- and 4-position miniature and ultra-miniature slide switches, with a top or side slide for ease of mounting and easy adaptation of the switch to application requirements. Most switches of this type have SPDT contacts, ie. single-pole, double-turn and thus are generally used to switch between different circuits. It is an equally popular category DPDT a configuration for the simultaneous control of two separate circuits, used for example in the control of motors and electric drives.

In this category NKK switches offers switches with PCB and soldering leads. Increasing miniaturization is at the same time a challenge for manufacturers in terms of manufacturing quality and accuracy. Mechanically robust design, proven manufacturing process and rigorous testing of NKK switches guarantees their reliability even under heavy use. The MS series is characterized by excellent durability, providing a mechanical life of 100,000 cycles, making it recommended for particularly demanding applications. It is worth noting that the seals used in all the company’s switches provide excellent resistance to adverse environmental conditions such as moisture and dust. Switches such as the SM series operate over a wide temperature range from -40°C to 85°C.


Slide switch AS22AP

Rocker switches from NKK Switches


The SNAP-IN version of the switch is installed by pressing into the corresponding hole.

Rocker switches they are most often used as components responsible for closing a power circuit or changing the operating mode of the device – therefore they offer exceptional current parameters. In the case of NKK switches, the selected products include contacts with a maximum load of up to 30A (for 30V DC and 250V AC). The switches are available in 1, 2 and 3 stable position variants, not only in basic contact configurations, but also DP3T and 3PST. Switches can be panel mounted using SNAP-IN anchors or soldered directly to the PCB (through-the-hole technology, THT). The low contact resistance (of 10mΩ) limits the risk of overheating of the components – nevertheless, their working temperature reaches -30…85°C. It should also be emphasized that the switches are available in illuminated versions.

Encoder switches from NKK Switches

Encoder switches are often used as components to pre-set and configure devices during their installation. They combine a compact (and low-profile) size with the ability to input multiple values ​​– in the case of NKK Switches products: 10 or 16. These products are available in both through-hole and surface mount versions (THT and SMT ) and therefore can be used in circuits of small size. In addition, they are available in straight and angled versions (axis of the button is parallel to the surface of the printed circuit board). All encoder switches of this manufacturer have an area of ​​10×10 mm and a height of 4 mm. They are characterized by a good service life (min. 10,000 cycles) and excellent thermal resistance, reaching from -25°C to 85°C. Thanks to the precise, tactile click when changing the setting and clear position labels, using NKK Switches is convenient and reduces the risk of errors.


A 16-position encoder switch allows input of hexadecimal values.

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