• Nokia AVA for Energy SaaS uses artificial intelligence to reduce network power consumption
  • SaaS Home Management provides more automated control over the device management environment and improves the customer experience
  • Anomaly Detection SaaS, announced by Nokia in November 2021, is now available commercially
  • Nokia announced today two new software as a service (SaaS) offers this helpCommunication Service Providers (CSPs) and businesses are stepping up their energy efficiency efforts and optimizing home appliance management. The message is Nokia’s latest push to provide his clients with faster time to get value in working theirs telecom networksand providing new services.

Using AI, Nokia AVA (“Virtualization and Analysis Automation”) for Energy SaaS closely monitors network traffic patterns from different vendors to reduce connectivity resources during periods of low usage. By constantly monitoring network traffic patterns and making real-time adjustments, this software tool can achieve two to five times the energy savings compared to non-artificial intelligence systems that temporarily suspend network resources based on fixed schedules. .

Nokia AVA for Energy SaaS also helps service providers spot anomalies and determine the energy efficiency of passive infrastructure, such as batteries, power supplies and air conditioners, which can account for up to 50 percent of total energy consumption.

Nokia AVA for Energy SaaS, available today, reflects Nokia’s broader commitment to reduce emissions by 50 percent between 2019 and 2030 across the value chain, including its own operations, products in use, logistics and factories. final assembly.

Nokia Home Device Management SaaS is a vendor-independent, automated, secure and scalable device management platform capable of managing millions of home devices, such as smart home thermostats and connected refrigerators. The new SaaS service enables operators to manage remote customer equipment (CPE), such as a residential gateway, 5G fixed wireless access devices, Wifi extenders and IP receivers; and provides an ultra-reliable secure broadband connection to the smart home.

By standardizing and automating the data collection process, Nokia Home Device Management SaaS provides a single, integrated, standard base platform that supports home devices from any provider. This new SaaS service is also available commercially, as is the Nokia Anomaly SaaS Detection.

Announced in November 2021, Nokia Anomaly Detection SaaS is a machine learning service aimed at finding and fixing network anomalies before they affect network customers.

Nokia has a leading position in the home device management market, with over 150 million home devices worldwide managed by the company’s software solution. Similarly, in the analysis, Nokia was rated №1 by Appledore Consulting for market share in AI Ops and Network Data Management.

Michael Soper, senior analyst, at TBR, said: “Nokia’s new SaaS offerings represent a significant change in the telecommunications market, as SaaS is the engine to accelerate the telecommunications industry to realize the full potential of 5G and beyond.”

Hamdi Farid, Senior Vice President, Business Applications at Nokia, shelp: “The convergence of our own software in the cloud, the collaboration with hyperscaler and 5G makes the business rationale for SaaS very convincing. These latest Nokia SaaS services reflect the path that Nokia is taking to help our customers accelerate their time to value; reducing complexity; and automate the service lifecycle with on-demand software.


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Nokia announces new SaaS services targeting network energy efficiency and home device management

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