NoMo SoHo was the last to first request NFT with the launch of a token with an attached hotel stay.

The property and its owner, Sapir Corp, believe it is the first hotel in the United States to allow guests to book a stay using blockchain technology.

The initiative uses the SolidBlock platform and technology to offer guests NFT or irreplaceable tokens for a stay of three to six nights.

Anyone who purchases NFT and reserves the packages will have access to exclusive preferred prices and additional benefits.

Alex Sapir, Chairman of Sapir Corp., said: “Our NFT offerings will give NoMo SoHo a competitive advantage and, more importantly, flexibility for each of our demanding guests. As the demand for digital assets and digital currency increases worldwide, we are once again proud to serve as industry leaders. Through our partnership with SolidBlock, we are modernizing our practices to meet a technology-savvy audience while laying the groundwork for the future of real estate. “

Yael Tamar, co-founder and CEO of SolidBlock, said: “The NFT market will grow and refocus on useful solutions. SolidBlock is restructuring the way we use NFT, creating practical use cases using NFT technology to bring unique value to the hospitality industry and its guests. NFTstays helps hotels use Web3 blockchain technology to provide their guests with additional options and flexibility. This program will give an advantage to NoMo SoHo, which will increase the revenue and occupancy of hotels.

CitizenM announced its plan to buy virtual land and build a hotel in the Sandbox metaverse last month.

The company says it also wants to use NFT’s revenue to finance the construction of a real-life hotel in the future.

Meanwhile, Singapore-based Millennium Hotels and Resorts recently opened its first hotel, M Social Decentraland, in the metaverse.

Metaverse users can browse the hotel in the virtual land. Kwek Leng Beng, executive chairman of Millennium & Copthorne Hotels, says the company wants to create “online adventures that integrate with real-life events.”

The hotel developments are part of a series of emerging NFT-driven uses for the tourism industry.

Lufthansa Innovation Hub highlighted loyalty, traveling communities and NFT passports, as projects in the three areas are the main focus of a recent study.

Most recently, the mobility market Iomob added travel planning to the list through its partnership with Next Earth and Spanish airline Vueling.

Boyd Cohen, CEO of Iomob, also noted a number of other potential uses for NFT.