Novosco founder Patrick Makaliski has joined the Outsource Group as chairman to lead its growth-changing growth plans.

McAliskey will head the company’s board this month and will be responsible for leading a series of acquisitions for SMEs and leading its growth strategy.

These include increasing the current number of Outsource Group from 70 to 100 by the end of the year and expanding the business “at home and abroad” through an expansion plan.

Founded in 2000 and based in Antrim, Ireland, Outsource Group is a provider of IT security and managed services.

Earlier this year, the Outsource Group merged with another Northern Irish security company called ANSEC IA to set up a “power plant” in the United Kingdom and Ireland.

Makaliski founded the managed services company in Northern Ireland Novosco in 2007. The business grew to a staff of around 350 employees before being sold to German retailer Cancom in 2019 for around € 70 million.

Cancom’s activities in the United Kingdom and Ireland, which include Novosco, were then sold to the technology division of Spanish telecommunications company Telefonica last summer for almost 400 million euros.

Outsource Group CEO Terry Moore said McAliskey’s skills and experience would “change the game” for the company.

“Our plan is for Outsource Group to be the number one security-focused business with managed IT services on these islands. We are pleased that Patrick has agreed to take on this leadership role as President, which both reaffirms our existing development plans but also provides us with the most experienced and proven leader in the sector to support us in the long term. The next step is to accelerate our growth by acquiring more brilliant businesses that complement what we do, and to increase hiring by creating a job that is a magnet for the best talent. “

“We feel really privileged that Patrick has joined us and we can’t wait to start implementing our plans under his leadership,” he said.

Makaliski added: “I see Outsource Group as a company that is committed to achieving really fast growth, winning big contracts and attracting the best talent. The company is incredibly well run by Terry Moore and his management team and they have the vision, ambition and plan to do really great things, both in the short and long term. I am incredibly excited to work with the team and help them shape and execute their plans. “

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