NTT Group has announced that it is merging its overseas businesses, managed respectively by NTT Data, NTT Inc. and NTT Ltd., and will develop its business as a combined group of companies.

NTT Data will combine its capabilities for system integration in the vertical industry, digital consulting, application development and managed services capabilities with the offering of NTT Ltd.’s Edge to Cloud service, mainly in the field of data centers, networks and managed services .

The group says its latest reorganization will allow it to integrate IT services and connectivity and respond to increasingly complex and diverse customer needs globally by centrally developing a portfolio of services needed for digital transformation.

So far, NTT Data is expanding its overseas business largely through mergers and acquisitions, in addition to expanding its business in Japan.

The group said it believed the merger was “necessary” to speed up co-operation between NTT companies and strengthen its business competitiveness.

He added that the move would contribute to the growth of its customers’ businesses to become a “truly trusted global innovator” that maintains social infrastructure in the long run.

“As we move toward a society where different goods and people are connected to deliver new value, connectivity technologies such as Edge to Cloud are becoming increasingly important,” the NTT said in a statement. Data.

“In addition, there are growing expectations for a data-driven society through the secure collection and analysis of information on goods and human behavior.

“The competitive environment around the IT market is changing no less significantly, with companies expanding their services in response to changes in society and technology.”

NTT Data also revealed that the combined company will work to create new social platforms and innovative services that “cross” corporate and industrial boundaries in the medium and long term.

NTT companies have changed their structure and parent company many times over the last decade.

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