Speaker 1: This is CNET. And here are the stories that matter at the moment, Invidia will pay a fine of 5.5 million to settle security and exchange fees for failing to adequately reveal how much it suits the gaming business. Sales are actually related to cryptocurrency, according to the SEC and Vidia failed to state in two quarterly reports for their financial year 2018 that sales related to cryptocurrency mining represent a significant part of the jump in demand for its GPUs, which [00:00:30] were originally designed and launched for gaming on Friday. A US federal judge has rejected a lawsuit by former US President Donald Trump seeking to lift the ban on his Twitter account. The social network finally banned Trump after the January 6, 2021 uprising in the US capital, after concluding that Trump’s latest tweets posed a public safety risk in a 17-page ruling in San Francisco on Friday, Judge James Donato said. [00:01:00] the first amendment applies only to government cuts in speech, not to alleged cuts from private companies such as Twitter. Finally, the Hubble Space Telescope is known for its spectacular images of the universe, but sometimes much smaller features such as the distinctive paths of photo bombings, asteroids. Other stars of the show, the combined efforts of a civilian scientist, volunteers and artificial intelligence have discovered 1,701 asteroid tracks [00:01:30] hiding in 1,316 Hubble images, more than 11,400 volunteers combed Hubble images taken between 2002 and 2021, identifying the crooked traces of asteroids in these observations. Keep up to date with the latest by visiting CNET.


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