TIP sees the need for an industry-neutral training service, operator- and provider-neutral, designed to train telecommunications staff to participate in or lead the decision, design, development, testing, and deployment of disaggregated networks.

TIP Academy is a B2B learning service offering courses on a range of disaggregated solutions.

Courses will include case studies and online events that allow TIP Academy community members to learn from the real world, such as insights from tests at TIP Community Labs and pilot trials that can then be used in their respective organizations.

Vodafone, Accenture and Deutsche Telekom have registered as charter clients of the Academy.

The first curriculum of the platform focuses on O-RAN.

The full curriculum will include more than 20 modules, ranging from basic to more advanced topics such as O-RAN or TCO system integration and business evolution. They are self-contained content blocks that are reused and mixed.

Students will have access to the content of the Academy through an interactive, multimedia e-learning platform and will follow a curriculum, individually or in groups, with self-assessments and tests included in support of learning.

All self-learning assets are designed to meet the competencies and learning objectives – from beginners to architects.

At the end of the curriculum a student will receive a TIP Academy certificate.

In the near future, TIP intends to bring these organizations with employees who have successfully completed training and received certificates from TIP Academy to TIP Exchange.

O-RAN training course set up

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