For the first time, consumers can adopt cutting-edge technology without paying high integration fees, as the use of OHIP is free for hotels operating on OPERA Cloud PMS.

May 18, 2022

Super-personalized solution for oversold hotels Oak is one of ORACLE Hospitality’s the first partners to come out live with the brand new Oracle Hospitality Integration Platform (OHIP). This makes it cost-effective and easy for joint customers to use seamless two-way integration between the oversold platform and OPERA Cloud PMS. The aim of this new partnership is to stimulate innovation in the hospitality industry and allow hoteliers to equalize their results from higher sales.

The implementation of the latest technological solutions for hotels to optimize operations is essential for the success of the hotel in today’s dynamic and competitive market. The connection between Oaky and OHIP will make it easier for hotels to do just that. For the first time, consumers can adopt cutting-edge technology without paying high integration fees, as the use of OHIP is free for hotels operating on OPERA Cloud PMS.

“We are proud and excited that Oaky is one of the first hotel technology providers to connect to OPERA Cloud PMS through the new OHIP integration. The work with the Oracle Hospitality team was great and we appreciate that we have a partner who shares our commitment to innovation and makes state-of-the-art technology available to hoteliers. ” said Clément Dénarié, head of partnerships at Oaky.

The platform provides partners and providers with easy access to the data they need to develop two-way integrations between their solutions and OPERA Cloud PMS. OHIP’s intuitive interface then allows hoteliers to easily register and use its features instantly without having to work with Oracle Consulting. This has already become and will remain a major driver of innovation in the hospitality industry, as it makes modern tools more accessible to hoteliers, both in terms of cost and ease of implementation.

Oaky’s two-way integration with OHIP brings numerous benefits to hotels. It allows data to flow in both directions between OPERA Cloud PMS and the oversold platform. This creates new opportunities for more automation, increased efficiency and streamlined operations. In addition to saving time and eliminating the risk of human error, this increases the hotel’s potential to generate additional revenue.

“Less trouble and increased additional revenue are two major changes we have seen since we started using Oaky and OPERA Cloud integration through OHIP. As personalized offers are sent to guests automatically and reserved add-ons are added to OPERA Cloud without the participation of the team, this saves a lot of time and helps us to further improve our services. As a result, our guests have an even more memorable experience and are more likely to spread the word about our hotel. ” said Jacob Lind Tripoli, e-commerce manager, at Nobis Hospitality Group.

Even passengers can benefit, as Oaky can automatically download booking data such as fare code, room type, booked packages and other details to segment guests and determine the most appropriate deals for each passenger individually. As integration through OHIP allows dynamic pricing of upgrade rooms and allows the upgrade decision to reach OTA direct bookers and guests with highly targeted offers, conversion rates and top line are positively affected.

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Oaky Goes Live with Oracle Hospitality Integration to Offer Hotels Upselling Platform Via OPERA Cloud PMS

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