ODU-UK Ltd is pleased to return to Electronic components show on Thursday, May 19you at Kasam Stadium, Oxford. Jason Laver will run the booth and has several new products to showcase, such as:

ODU AMC® T series connectors

“T” means three variants of lockable plugs, each corresponding to the same vessel, allowing a standard bulkhead for all equipment. Just select the locking system that is suitable for the function at each specific connection point.

The T-Series connectors offer weight savings, strength, ease of operation and quick cleaning, along with secure transmission of large amounts of data – all critical to life in extreme situations.

ODU Fiber Optics for reliable optical connections

Available as round and modular connectors or a customized fully assembled optical system.

Whenever the highest data speeds and fast interference-free transmission are needed, ODU’s high-performance optical connectors provide both quality and stability, serving a wide and demanding range of applications, with a portfolio of solutions, including:

■ Expanded Beam technology for heavy environments and high mating cycles.

■ Physical Contact technology for up to 1000 mating cycles.

■ Single-mode or multi-mode fiber

■ Fiber or hybrid versions only

So if you’re facing a connector or packaging problem, then why not stop by Stand 41 and tell Jason about your problems – he may have an answer.

However, if you are not attending the show, then there is more information here

ODU Connectors – Exhibiting again at ECS

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