Omron Electronic Components Europe has announced the W7BB-X01 transparent “bash button” that installs directly into the cover glass on a large display to improve user interaction in casino games and similar applications. The sturdy, mechanical button is tactile and easy to activate without looking at the screen.

Ideal for applications that need fast action with instant confirmation, the bash button is used in gaming machines, high-end vending equipment, pavilions and ticketing systems. With a total stroke of 1.5 mm and a low installed height, the button complements the modern, unified look of the equipment equipped with a large display.

A transparent center area with a diameter of 58 mm allows the user to see the display through the button, which allows dynamic display of instructions or color graphics. Seamlessly physically integrated and visually coordinated with the graphical interface, the button also features a halo of lighting, which gives extra flexibility to provide clear indications and create imaginary visual effects.

The button can be mounted through a cover glass up to 3 mm thick. Screwless installation facilitates installation and maintenance, with a waterproof seal to prevent splashes and spills. The 84mm chrome frame provides attractive coverage, and the button comes with a 125mm transparent flat connector attached with a ready-made 35-pin connector to simplify the electrical connection to the host system.

The W7BB-X01 has a nominal life of four million operations, even when subjected to heavy use, providing high reliability and helping to maximize equipment uptime in applications that require continuous availability.

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Omron transparent bash button enhances player experience

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