OneAIChat, an Indian startup, unveiled its new multi-modal artificial intelligence (AI) aggregation platform on Tuesday. The Mangalore-based startup offers a single platform through which users can access multiple large language models (LLMs) simultaneously. The company says this will help users seamlessly interact with and compare responses from different AI models. Leveraging the capabilities of multiple models, the platform offers output in text, image and video formats. The platform will require the purchase of a subscription plan to access it.

The OneAIChat platform was pre-launched today as a web-based service. The aggregator platform includes OpenAI’s GPT-4, Google Gemini, Anthropic’s Claude 3, as well as AI models from Cohere and Mistral. The company does not specify which LLMs from Mistral are being used. The company says the platform will be available globally. At the time of writing this, we were unable to access the website as it appears to be suffering from an outage.

There are some platform-specific features that users can take advantage of. OneAIChat has introduced a Focus Categories feature that will allow users to enter topic-specific queries from AI models. It is not clear whether the company has added specific LLMs for certain subjects or whether it caters to all together. Some of the categories highlighted by the startup include health, audio/music, faith, marketing, video, art and design, and math.

OneAIChat also said its platform is aimed at streamlining content creation. AI models enable the generation of blog articles, product listings, social media posts, essays, and more. It should be noted that these suggestions will come straight from the AI ​​models themselves. Also, being a multi-modal platform, it also offers image, video and audio clip generation. However, the company did not specify which AI models will handle video and music generation.

The OneAIChat platform will charge a single subscription fee to enable the use of all AI models. However, pricing details have not yet been revealed. Details of the models available on the subscription are also unknown. Given that all of the above AI models, except for Mistral and Cohere, have free and paid versions, the cost savings of the subscription cannot be determined. Mistral offers open source AI models that do not require a subscription to run, while Cohere is only available to paid users.

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