Oppo is looking for potential healthcare features that can help commercially develop and integrate with its products. The Chinese smartphone maker will offer $ 460,000 in funding for ideas that address the challenges of public health and the digital divide.

The Oppo Research Institute Innovation Accelerator program calls for proposals in two entry categories – affordable technology and digital health. Up to 10 grant ideas can be selected, each worth 300,000 yuan ($ 46,000).

The acceleration scheme, run by the Oppo Research Institute with Microsoft as a start-up partner, hoped to stimulate the development of technologies that could solve “some of the most pressing problems facing humanity in times of uncertainty.” Formerly known as Microsoft BizSpark, Microsoft for Startups offers startups a variety of support and resources – for three years – that include Azure Credits and free licenses for select Microsoft products.

Levin Liu, head and vice president of the Oppo Research Institute, said: “With the weight of global issues such as aging, poor public health and the digital divide growing every day, it is not enough to rely on our own efforts to provide solutions.

Through the Acceleration Program, successful applicants can access other funding opportunities and partnerships, as well as present their products at global technology events. Applicants will also be able to commercialize their products by integrating with Oppo products.

The submission of proposals will end on June 30, 2022, and the winners will be revealed after three months of evaluation and demonstrations on the Day. These include three Demo Days that will take place in India, Israel and the United States.

Oppo said the ideas presented will be evaluated on four key criteria, including feasibility, innovation, social value and long-term potential.



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