Opserathe continuous orchestration platform for DevOps and the technology services and digital transformation company, Mindtreeannounced today that they are entering into a partnership.

The combination of companies aims to enable businesses to increase scale, market speed and customer satisfaction as they progress on the path to transformation.

“We are confident that our partnership with Opsera will give our customers an even greater competitive advantage in times of rapid change and transformation,” said Radhakrishnan Rajagopalan, Mindtree’s Global Technology Services Manager. “DevOps orchestration without code is a revolutionary approach to software delivery that ensures the highest standards of speed, quality and security until they are met. We look forward to presenting this solution to our customers and also providing Opsera customers with our own unique approach and opportunities for digital transformation on a large scale. ”

According to companies, in order to get the most out of cloud and digital solutions, organizations must successfully adopt DevOps practices and tools to maintain the speed, security and quality of software development.

Through this collaboration, Mindtree users gain access to the DevOps orchestration platform without the Opsera code, which provides engineering teams with a choice of CI / CD instruments from a common architectural framework and builds declarative pipelines for several different uses.

In addition, Opsera users can take advantage of Mindtree’s engineering capabilities.

“Partnering with Mindtree helps strengthen our collective approach to help engineering and IT organizations turn DevOps practices into improved business efficiencies,” they said. Chandra Ranganathan, co-founder and CEO of Opsera. “Mindtree offers some of the cutting-edge digital transformation opportunities that large organizations need to stay competitive. His experience, combined with our code-free orchestrating DevOps platform, will help Mindtree customers accelerate their DevOps initiatives. We also look forward to using Mindtree’s digital transformation capabilities to help our customers excel. ”

To learn more about this partnership, visit website.

Opsera and Mindtree announce partnership to help customers further their digital transformations

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