Our guide to spring cleaning your appliances

This spring, clean your gadgets. Clean your equipment. Be less rude in 2024. That’s one of my goals. Along with our anniversary stories this month, we’re also in the mood for spring cleaning. We clean AirPods and digitally declutter your computer. (And if you are physically clearance, how about making some money at the same time?)

This week we explain how to clean all your screens without damaging them. And if we’re really stretching the theme of spring cleaning to include hygiene and then extend back to sleep hygiene, here’s some tech to help you get a better night’s rest, too.

After all that cleaning.

— Matt Smith

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He said the operation was “super easy”.


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Elon Musk announced that the first human patient received a Neuralink brain implant as part of the company’s first clinical trial earlier this year. And yesterday, the company briefly went live demo on X of 29-year-old Nolan Arbaugh, who is paralyzed from the neck down, demonstrating the implant by moving the cursor around a laptop screen and pausing a music player on the screen. Arbaugh said the implant allowed him to play chess and Civilization VI.

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They started a petition in support of Epic Games.

All of these big names have joined Epic Games in protesting Apple’s decision to charge a fee for iOS payments made outside the App Store. The company takes up to 30% off App Store purchases. When developers process purchases outside of the App Store, Apple will charge a fee of up to 27 percent. It’s really not that much different.

The four companies supporting Epic’s petition argue that Apple’s fee for external payments effectively upholds the previous rules. “Apple’s plan meets neither the letter nor the spirit of this court’s mandate,” their brief said.

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You will be able to stick to an event that interests you.

The Peacock will host more than 5,000 hours of live coverage over the two weeks, including each of the 329 medal races. That’s a lot more than anyone could watch during the Games, so to help you keep track of multiple events at once, Peacock offers several multi-view options. On TVs, tablets and desktop browsers (but not phones, unfortunately) you’ll be able to watch four matches simultaneously. With multi-view modes, you can move the screens, select the audio track you want to listen to, and click to watch an event in full screen. Another feature, Peacock Live Actions, will help you keep track of the events you care about most, so you can continue to watch sports on screen even after the NBC broadcast switches to another location.

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