Apple’s new iPad Pro is one of the most controversial (and thinnest) devices the company has made in years. Of course, it’s an undeniable engineering feat, and it’s thinner than the iPod nano. Apple has packed a new M4 chip and a ‘tandem’ OLED panel into its latest flagship tablet.

The new OLED allows for more brightness and improved HDR performance compared to the old iPad Pro – standard screen brightness is up to 1000 nits, compared to 600 nits for the last model. It’s so strong and so beautiful. But this cutting-edge technology makes it more expensive than ever, putting it out of reach for most and pitting it against flagship laptops in terms of price.

As Nathan Ingraham explains in his review, the iPad Pro range has always been about showing just how good an Apple tablet can be, but this one really is uncompromising. For the rest of us, there’s the new iPad Air.

Later today, Google’s big I/O keynote will reveal the company’s latest AI ambitions. We’ll be reporting live later today.

— Matt Smith

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OpenAI on Monday announced GPT-4o, a brand new AI model that the company says is one step closer to “much more natural human-computer interaction.” The new model accepts any combination of text, audio and images as input and can generate output in all three formats. It also sounds a lot more like digital assistant Samantha from the movie . During the presentation, OpenAI showed GPT-4o translating live between English and Italian, helping a researcher solve a linear equation in real time on paper and providing deep breathing guidance. The OpenAI demonstrator even used the smartphone’s camera to show how the GPT-4o would describe the room they were in. It can infer that they are in a studio, filming a video or possibly a live broadcast. OpenAI is making the new model available to everyone, including free ChatGPT users, in the next few weeks.

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Not to be outdone, ahead of Google I/O (starting later today — stay tuned for all the news right now), Google is teasing its own incoming AI camera features. It is not clear what the function is is, but it shares some similarities with Google Lens, the company’s camera-powered search feature. The one shown in the teaser video, however, appears to work in real-time and respond to voice commands.

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This is a new direction for Dyson: a floor cleaner with no mention of suction, cyclone technology or any of the usual vacuum vocabulary. The Wash G1 is the company’s debut hard floor cleaner, and it replaces suction with high-speed rollers, water and nylon bristles. It’ll go on sale later this year for $700 — we got to test it at Dyson HQ before it goes on sale.

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