The cloud is strong in most organizations’ IT plans and will continue to do so, according to Sean Farrington, EVP EMEA Pluralsight, who unveiled the latest global study by the training company at Deskflix: The Future of DevOps last week. Computer.

The focus now is not just on the cloud, it’s maturity instead, Farrington said. In the context of a lack of IT skills – and this is largely a vendor market – this means investing more in improving skills and training.

Pluralsight has witnessed an astonishing 1185% annual increase in the number of cloud lab courses taken on the Pluralsight Skills platform over the past year.

“Cloud learning is fundamentally different from traditional training and often requires more specialized experience,” Farrington said, explaining that remote and homework that shows no signs of extinction is another major factor.

In the face of a lack of IT skills, keeping good people is a strategic priority. Farrington cited figures showing that retraining and upgrading an existing employee in the United States costs an average of $ 1,200, while hiring mid-level experience costs $ 60,000; plus it takes about six months to become fully productive.

You can see Farrington’s full 15-minute presentation on skills shortages, the “great resignation” and industry trends below.

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