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Blizzard’s overwatch proved to be one of the most popular team scorers in recent years, and fans finally got a good look at the sequel. The Overwatch 2 unveiling event includes a number of goodies, perhaps more exciting than the confirmation that Overwatch 2 will have no loot boxes. However, this will still be a free game.

The original Overwatch had an advance price, combined with loot boxes, a mechanism that provided random items for a fee. Sometimes you get great stuff in a loot box, but usually not. blizzard works to make the initial experience compelling so that people want to do it again and again … not unlike gambling. Some countries and states have tried to pass legislation recognizing loot boxes as a form of gambling, but only Belgium and the Netherlands have taken concrete action in this area.

Overwatch 2 will not have randomized loot boxes, but that doesn’t mean monetization will be generous. This will be a free game that can give Blizzard a license to really grab players over the coals. There will be an in-game store where players can buy items and cosmetics, plus a combat pass system that will offer additional prizes and content. Pricing is not available, but we expect microtransactions to be costly compared to the original Overwatch, which sold for $ 40 at launch. Blizzard says the new model of Overwatch 2 will allow developers to regularly add more content, including more maps and cosmetics. On the edge tried to get more details, but Blizzard declined to comment.

It would be nice to have more details, because the dividing line between traditional microtransactions and loot boxes can be surprisingly blurred. For example, Diablo Immortal has what are loot boxes with its Elder Rift system. You have to use expensive objects in the game called combs to feed the gap, which is essentially a miniature dungeon. The more legendary combs you can put in, the greater the chance of getting legendary drops in the fault, but still everything is random.

The main problem with Immortal is that you can’t play the game effectively without these legendary drops, which makes many laugh at it as a “payout”. We don’t know if this will be true for Overwatch 2 even without the loot boxes. You can sign up for beta nowwhich starts later this month, but the revenue-generating scheme may not even be available for the test.

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