(WJET / WFXP /YourErie.com) – The price of gas is at historical levels. As prices remain high, people can choose alternative modes of transport in an attempt to reduce their fuel budget – such as electric bicycles, carpooling or bus. Children between the ages of six months and five years are already eligible for the new COVID vaccine. Local parents have mixed reactions to the new CDC guidelines.

Here’s more about what doctors need to say about vaccinating the younger population, as well as what parents have to say.

New COVID-19 vaccines for young children are expected to be available later this week, and local parents have differing views on how children should build their immunity.

Children aged six months to five years are already eligible for the COVID-19 vaccine, which is expected to be available later this week.

Doctors received the lowest available dose to get the necessary immune response.

“Both are even lower than doses of five or more, but certainly significantly lower than adult doses,” said Dr. Pamela Schomer, director of safety and quality operations at UPMC Children’s Society of Pediatrics.

The vaccination schedule is expected to require two doses of Moderna vaccine at approximately one month intervals and three doses of Pfizer booster vaccine at a later date.

Doctors expect the new vaccines to be highly effective for children with even the most severe case of COVID.

“This is very influential against the worst COVID. For the elderly, some people may still get mild illness after receiving the vaccine, but the severity of cases that may end up in hospital or with more results will be protective against this, “said Dr. Schomer.

After talking to local parents, we received mixed reactions about whether their children would receive the vaccine.

“Oh, I want to. I watched reports and things like that, and a lot of young children who weren’t vaccinated didn’t make it. I mean, it’s too hard for them, “said James Keiler, a resident of Erie.

“I am not for that at all. I myself have four children. They all get immunization vaccines and that, but I have a feeling that the COVID vaccine is not needed, “said Linzi Edinger, an Erie resident.

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Edinger believes that children should be able to build their immunity naturally by being outside and exposed to germs.


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