Patria has betrayed the fourth and final modernized Hamina-class fast missile boat, Pori, to the Finnish Navy at Upinniemi, Finland.

The newly delivered vessel has already completed its Sea Acceptance Trials (SAT) prior to commissioning. The SAT was held earlier this year, from spring to summer.

The company is contracted to provide Mid-Life Upgrade (MLU) support for all Hamina class ships.

Patria was the prime contractor, lead system integrator and designer on this MLU contract awarded in 2017.

The associated work on the four ships was carried out between 2018 and 2022.

The work included the installation of new torpedo and surface-to-surface missile systems, along with the modernization of surface-to-air missile systems.

This capability will now allow the four ships to counter threats in the air, on the surface and underwater.

This large-scale program aims to provide new and improved capabilities to the Finnish Navy to counter advanced maritime threats and attacks at sea.

The overhaul further ensures that the Navy can protect the nation’s sea lines as well as monitor and secure territorial integrity.

In addition, the planned life cycle of the Hamina-class missile boats has now been extended to 2030, along with the necessary life-cycle update support.

Patria Finland Division Navy Business Area Manager Veli-Pekka Heinonen said: “The modernization and MLU of the Hamina-Class well illustrates Patria’s advanced system integration capability.

“In addition to refurbishment and life cycle extension, one of the main objectives of the Hamina-Class modernization is the development of anti-submarine warfare (ASW) effectiveness.

“As part of the new capabilities, Patria has delivered to the Hamina-Class ships the new innovative training target system it has developed, which enables adversarial training in a flexible and most cost-effective manner.”

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