PBT Works sro, a leading manufacturer of cleaning technologies for electronic components and tools, is pleased to announce its plans to participate in the PB Technik Meets Friends seminar, scheduled for 25-26 May 2022 at Hotel Boss in Warsaw.

Dedicated to Industry 4.0, the PB Technik Meets Friends seminar offers an opportunity to meet, share experiences and hold open discussions on the electronics industry. The event will include a number of interesting presentations and an exhibition of selected equipment, including the PBT Works HyperCLEAN maintenance cleaning system.

HyperCLEAN is a flexible cleaning system with a large capacity for maintenance, which is compatible with all the latest automation technologies and MES connections. Ideal for high performance, handling multiple or heavy objects is now easier with the included stroller. HyperCLEAN is ideal for cleaning large volumes of large solder pallets, SMT furnace filters and other mechanical parts.

Additional products on display at the event include the HyperSWASH PCB cleaning system, the Go23 stencil printer and the UniPRINT stencil printer.

PBT Works is certified according to EN ISO 9001 and EN ISO 14001. For more information visit www.pbt-works.com.

PBT Works HyperCLEAN Maintenance Cleaning System Highlighted at the PB Technik Meets Friends Seminar

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