Danisense will debut the DT series of ultra-stable, high-precision (ppm class) fluxgate technology converters for isolated DC and AC measurements up to 200Arms on PCIM 2022. The devices have a frequency band of 2MHz and a primary current range of 50A to 200A and they are 60% smaller than the previous generation of products. The DT series current converters use Danisense Fluxgate’s compensated technology with a fixed excitation frequency and zero current detection of the second harmonic.

The components also feature excellent linearity (less than 2 ppm), a DSUB 9-pin connection, a green LED for normal operation indication and a large 20.7 mm hole for cables and busbars.

DT series current converters are ideal for applications such as high-precision power supplies for laboratories, accelerators and medical equipmentwhere size is a critical factor as power supply designs shrink to increase power density and reduce costs. Size is also crucial in built-in car power applications, where installing converters in a compact motor and inverter environment is always a challenge. Another advantage of the DT series for such high power is its wide bandwidth.

The main characteristics of the current converters of the DT series include: small size, which has 60% less volume than the previous generation, large frequency band up to 2MHz and primary current of 50A, 100A and 200A.


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