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Danisense will debut the DT series of ultra-stable, high-precision (ppm class) fluxgate technology converters for isolated DC and AC measurements up to 200 Arms on PCIM 2022.

IGBT / SiC power integration.

Power Integrations announces SCALETM EV family of port management boards for Infineon EconoDUALTM modules. Suitable for original, cloned and new variants of SiC, the driver is focused on high-power automotive and traction inverters for EV, hybrid and fuel cell vehicles.

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GaN Power IC.

The EU uses about 8 billion electric motors, which consume nearly 50% of the electricity the EU produces.1 As improving efficiency and reducing the carbon footprint are key goals for governments and industry, there are many initiatives to make these engines less energy hungry.

A new SCR-based pulse generator has been developed and tested on various inductive power components by Bs & T Frankfurt am Main GmbH. The pulse generator has some unique properties that take advantage of SCR’s high pulse current capabilities, and offers some great advantages over IGBT-based systems.

Patrick Le Fevre is the author of several articles and marketing articles presented at various conferences and participates in a number of power groups and associations, leading standardization and contributing to the promotion of new technologies such as digital energy in the electricity community. Let’s talk to Patrick in our Wine Down Friday.

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