MOBILE, Alabama (WKRG) – Parents across the country are struggling to find a formula for their baby’s needs.

From the last week, the average value of depleted baby formula nationally is 43%. Alabama currently sees 40-50% of sellers who do not have baby formula.

“This is a problem without a good solution,” said Dr. John Sands, medical director of Pediatric Associates at Mobile, USA Health.

Problems with the supply chain and withdrawals in February contributed to the national shortage of formula.

“We definitely get phone calls from parents and grandparents who tell us they’re having trouble finding the formula,” Dr. Sands said.

Dr. John Sands recommends that parents first look at smaller retailers or go online if they can’t find a shelf formula, but look at reputable distributors.

And he says that if there is absolutely nothing anywhere, do not dilute the formula. Instead, he advises children who are approaching to use a formula for a young child until the parents find the age-appropriate version. Dr Sands says it is a short-term solution that lasts only two to three days.

“For children over six months without medical problems, in a few days, they can take cow’s milk. A few days, I’m talking about two, three, four days, “said Dr. Sands. He continued: “Then give them a multivitamin with iron.

Dr. Sands warns that this is a quick solution, just to give parents time to find more formula. He explained, “These are all very short-term measures to stop until you return the children to the usual formula.” And they apply to children six months or older. “We can give a 9-month-old child cow’s milk for 3-4 days until Publix receives a new supply. There is no three-month-old child, he should not have this opportunity.

And parents can always contact their pediatrician for help if they can’t find a formula.

President Joe Biden also announced further steps to address the shortage – by cutting red tape to get more formula on the shelves faster, calling for price suppression or unfair market practices related to infant food sales, and increasing supply through increased imports.

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