Luxury Australian brand Aesop has recently expanded its fragrance range with the launch of its new fragrance ‘Eidesis Eau de Parfum’.

Eau de Parfum Eidesis is described as “an alluring fragrance with bright opening notes that develop into deep spices, moist earth and dry wood”. When sprayed, you will get top notes of petitgrain, black pepper and incense, middle notes of cumin, cedar and incense and finally base notes of sandalwood, cedar and vetiver. The end result is a fragrance that starts out fresh and sparkling and develops into something warm and rich. Best of all, the fragrance is unisex, so everyone can enjoy the woody, spicy scent.

The new Eidesis Eau de Parfum joins other Aesop fragrances such as Hwyl Eau de Parfum and Tacit Eau de Parfum.

Image credit: aespop

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