Google just announced that some Pixel phones are getting next-generation call verification. This improves the existing Call Screen feature by implementing a new Hello button. Once tapped, the system will deploy Google Assistant to speak on your behalf.

The digital assistant will ask the caller why they are trying to contact you and you will be able to hear the answer in real time. If it sounds important, you can interrupt and start the conversation. If not, you can kick them to the curb and go back to watching TV.

Google Assistant now, but the Hello button gives the user maximum control over when to start the verification process. There’s even an option to tell the caller to wait a bit if you still can’t get through to the phone. In addition to the real-time element, the tool of these projections to view at your leisure. The new Call Screen update is only available for Pixel Fold and Pixel 6 and newer phones.

This is part of a larger March feature reduction for Pixel phones. Google smartphones will now be able to share 10-bit HDR videos directly to Instagram with no processing required. This is similar to the approach Samsung recently took with its

The feature reduction also extends the company’s reach to Pixel 7 smartphones. As the name suggests, this allows people to search for things by simply drawing a circle around an object. Previously, the tool was only available to Pixel 8 and Galaxy S24 users.