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I spoke in this episode Steve Wigington, CEO, Icario (@icariohealth) that create truly personalized and gradual ways to help the world become a healthier place, one person at a time.

Steve has a long career in healthcare and previously came from Sutter Health / Aetna, where he was responsible for starting an innovative health insurance business, providing best-in-class clinical care and stimulating breakthroughs for consumers and members.

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iCario got its name and inspiration from Blue zones and Dan Butner’s job of ensuring that level of health and longevity for everyone, or as Steve puts it, for every human being. We discuss the use of labels and the impact it has on healthcare and the people in the system – both those who provide and receive care or services. As Steve points out, we may not consider ourselves a patient or a member and being labeled as such is likely to affect every interaction that takes place and ultimately the success of making people healthier and most importantly how not all solutions can to be taken as “Users” with all options or available choices. This is the “gap of etiquette” – the space between health and life, which must be fixed to ensure overall health and well-being, or perhaps a cocoon.

Their approach is gradual in nature, adapting each interaction to the individual and, importantly, creating messages that will resonate with their audience largely in line with Matt Waellert’s concepts: Easier to do the right thing.

Listen to hear the gradual things that have worked to move the needle into wellness – the incentives work, but they need to be culturally weakened to be heard by the population we are trying to reach and serve.

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For years, Dr. Nick van Terhaiden, also known as Dr. Nick, has served as a voice in the impact of new technologies on healthcare, earning a reputation as a leading authority on the future of medicine. Combining real-world observation and experience, Dr. Nick has seen many predictions come true and argues that healthcare innovation can be achieved gradually, not just through lunar events. Tune in to hear Dr. Nick: The incrementalist and his guests discuss what the future of healthcare looks like, how we will get there and what will be needed to improve healthcare for all.

This article was originally published on Dr. Nick – The Incrementalist blog and is republished here with permission.

Fitting into the Label Gap

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