You no longer need to enter your password every time you sign in to your PlayStation account. Sony Interactive Entertainment (SIE) has launched password support for PlayStation accounts, meaning you can simply log in via your mobile device or computer and use its screen unlock method to sign in. If you use a PIN, your fingerprint or your face to unlock your phone, for example, that’s also how you’ll be able to sign in to your PlayStation account. On desktop, we were able to easily link our account to 1Password and use its access feature.

In his Official page for the update, the company touts the benefits of using passwords, such as reducing account vulnerability. Access keys cannot be reused or shared, whether inadvertently or on purpose, SIE explains, making them resistant to phishing and data breaches.

To set up an access key, you just need to go to Security under Account Management. There you can enable the option and create an access key by following the on-screen instructions. The company warns that some hardware security keys can cause problems, and you may be better off using synced passwords on mobile devices instead. It also warns against using mobile PINs as Android passkeys and recommends iCloud Keychain, Google Password Manager, 1Password, and Dashlane as a passkey provider. After you set the option, you will be prompted to use your passkey when you need to sign in to a PlayStation 5 or PlayStation 4 console. However, you can disable the option at any time if you want to go back to password login.