Hand-drawn 2D action game Have a Nice Death has just received its first game early access an update entitled Infrastructure Development. To celebrate the occasion, Magic Design Studios and Gearbox Publishing partnered with Wccftech to distribute 10 Steam codes in the raffle.

The distribution will last one week. We will draw the winners next Tuesday – good luck!

Astra’s Guide to Returnal – What’s to Do Between Playthroughs?

Pleasant distribution of death

Lobby Challenge – Meet Jocelyn, the elevator of Death Incorporated, which offers a series of
exciting challenges between runs. Each challenge unlocks an instant bonus, such as
new weapon or spell. However, some challenges have a specific requirement – non-compliance
Completing this task will lead to serious consequences, such as less health, less mana and
much more.
Full access to the Department of Modern Warfare – We gave every little one a taste of it
world when Have a Nice Death came out last month. Starting today, you will already have
access to the entire level, complete with five different enemies: a veteran armed with a
drum with explosives, headless figure, leaving behind anti-personnel mines, breathing fire
arsonist, cadet with self-propelled missiles and unadulterated pilot dropping bombs from
Upgrades to the toilet and a new relaxation area – Visit the new water cooler in the relaxation room, where you can replace Soulary with Anima to restore health. There is also a new vending machine, where you can randomly insert a new item or cause damage if the machine is broken. If you need a break, you can visit the new relaxation area, where you can get a free healing cup of coffee and relax.
New Tanagari – The management has hired four new Tanageri (mini-bosses) to manage
Terror in Death Incorporated:
o Leon Clean is the storage engineer responsible for maintaining the Eternity Hall
flawless. Watch out for his deadly vacuum, which projects deadly garbage.
o X4-H is a dangerous mutant with uncontrolled saliva that it has ingested
Department of Industrial Pollution.
o Richard J. Barron can also be found wandering around industrial pollution
department. In a previous life, he was a crooked oil tycoon who made money from fossils
o Mrs. Camille Flagge may seem slow, but she is outraged and has a crazy
vertical attack. It can be found to tread through Modern Warfare

Added spells – Rookies can discover five brand new spells that give you strength
Flambé enemies from a distance, inflict huge damage with one detonation
with other abilities.
Bug fixes and “Quality of death improvements” – We assigned to the minions
Magic Design Studios with updating game mechanics and troubleshooting our mortals
players have reported in the first month of development.

Have a Nice Death Giveaway – 10 Game Codes Up for Grabs

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