PNY Technologies’ new XLR8 line of microSD flash memory cards features V30 Video Speed ​​and A2 App Performance and is designed for portable console games on smartphones and tablets.

With speeds of up to 100MB / s3 sequential read and 90MB / s3 sequential write, XLR8 Gaming microSD cards are rated U3 and feature V30 Video Speed ​​to provide a minimum steady read and write speed, allowing extended lengths of 4K Ultra HD video and photo in shooting mode. These same specifications create an incredibly flexible microSD card. Not only do they allow professional-quality photography and video, but they also allow gamers of all skill levels to quickly download, load, store and share their favorite games so they can spend less time waiting and more time in game.

XLR8 microSD gaming cards are equipped with A2 Application Performance, which allows users to get involved in the action and run gaming applications directly from the microSD card. It also helps launch apps faster and smoother game performance. A2 Application Performance gives users a competitive advantage for the best gaming experience.

They are compatible with many mobile devices equipped with microSD, such as smartphones and tablets, as well as portable game consoles. Available in expanded capacity ranging from 128GB to 512GB2. With faster speeds and greater storage capacity, these microSD cards help users capture, experience and share their real life and in-game adventures.

Quick specifications: Capacity:

  • 128GB-512GB2
  • Format: microSDXC
  • Bus interface: UHS-I
  • Speed ​​class: Class 10, U3
  • Video speed class: V90
  • Reading performance: Up to 100MB / s3
  • Recording performance: Up to 90MB / s3
  • Compatibility: Mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets, as well as portable game consoles.
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PNY unveils XLR8 Gaming MicroSD Flash Memory Cards

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