This week kicks off with a bang for those interested in a role insurers can play in the smart home as State Farm has agreed to make a capital investment of 1.2 billion at security company ADT. This follows on the heels of Google’s investment in ADT in 2020 and signals a shift in the way insurance companies think about the smart home. Google also said it would add more money to its partnership with ADT. We then discuss a demo of Matter at IFA and give some updates on what to expect from the protocol. Then we discuss an upcoming Google event and on Apple event from this week before taking a short break.

We don’t have a guest this week, so we’re back in the news with a trio of big IoT assets. First is satellite funding An IoT company called OQ it is special because it can use existing NB-IoT and LTE-M radios. The second funding is $140 million for Morse Micro, a chip company which makes chips for implementing Wi-Fi HaLow. The final funding is for Flair, a maker of connected HVAC vents for the home, which grossed $7.6 million. Then we talk about Ringing add end-to-end encryption for its wireless doorbell and video camera products, new ways to address your Nest Hub Max without first saying “Hey Google” and new lights from Philips Hue. I’m reviewing too Hue Tap dial switch and I realize that my love of buttons will force me to do serious work when the Matter arrives. We wrap up the show by answering a listener question about a smart button (or perhaps a dumb one) for a smart garage door opener.

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Podcast: Insurers come for the smart home

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