Pokemon Go’s Alola season is coming to an end, but before that, the game is hosting another Community Day. This month’s event takes place today, May 21, and includes another Alola Pokemon to catch, along with many other in-game bonuses to win. Here’s everything you need to know about the event.

When is Community Day in May?

The community holiday is held in May Saturday, May 21. This time the event will continue from 11 a.m. to 2 p.m. local time.

Featured Pokemon: Alolan Geodude

The star of Community Day in May is Alolan Geodud. During the event, the rock / electric pokemon will appear in the wild much more often than usual and you will have a better chance of meeting the shiny Alolan Geodude.

Move event: Deploy

If you manage to develop Alolan Geodude in its final form, Alolan Golem, on the day of the event, he will learn a special quick attack: I roll, I spread. You will have until 4pm local time – two hours after the official end of Community Day in May – to develop your Pokemon and learn the special attack.

Other event bonuses

In addition to Geodude’s increased births, several other in-game bonuses will be active during Community Day in May.

First, you will have a double chance of getting Geodude Candy XL when you catch Alolan Geodude. You’ll also win triple stardust and double candy to catch any Pokemon during the event, and any lure or incense modules you use will last three hours instead of their usual duration.

In addition, Pokemon Go will offer 30 free ultra balls in its store, along with a special package of items. The latter costs 975 PokeCoins to purchase and includes the following items:

  • 1 Super incubator
  • 1 lucky egg
  • 1 Elite FastTM
  • 1 star

In addition to today’s Community Day, the island’s guardian Tapu Fini appears in five-star attacks by the end of the month and will have Final event “Alola do Alola”. from 25-31 May. You can see everything else that’s going on in Pokemon Go right now in ours Summary of the May events.


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