Based in Gdansk A trusted twin has raised $1 million in a pre-seed funding round that aims to scale the business across everything from team size to customer base to further development of the startup’s operational data sharing solution.

TL; Dr – Trusted Twin uses a series of APIs that allow developers to create an elegant solution to the problem of needing to build a data sharing layer.

To understand what Trusted Twin does is to understand The collision.

“Should I stay or should I leave?”

While pan(dem)ia greatly accelerated the massive amount of data created or replicated, 64.2ZB in 2020. aloneand according to IDC Dave Reinsel“The amount of digital data created in the next five years will be more than twice the amount of data created since the advent of digital storage. The question is: How much of it needs to be stored?”

With so much data stored on so many spinning platters or solid-state drives or tapes, we now face a conundrum that many businesses face today: how to efficiently and effectively extract value from it all. Tipper fishing from the sea if you will. Couple this with a second problem, sharing operational data with outside firms, often the bread and butter of many, titan, and pretty soon we have a pretty big problem on our hands.

Trusted Twin leverages the power of digital twin architecture (not a big leap with the name, hey?) to offer a data layer specifically filtered and designed to share operational data without any fluff. To a large extent, the startup claims it can provide trust and control between its collaborating partners.

“Data sharing is becoming a business necessity, and cumbersome, time-consuming data sharing processes will certainly hinder business growth,” explained CEO of Trusted Twin Krzysztof Malicki. “Data sharing is one of IT’s major headaches, with most organizations lacking the tools and resources to develop the necessary frameworks. Essentially, we’re a data sharing layer that removes non-functional requirements like scalability and availability from developers so they can stay focused on the core of their business.”

Trusted Twin’s $1M round was led by ff Venture capitalwith Presto Ventures, Movens Capital, RKKVC, Startup Wise Guysand several undisclosed angel investors, all involved.

“Today, digital transformation promises to revolutionize business. In reality, however, few projects reach their full potential. Real-time data sharing is the missing ingredient holding back many organizations, and it’s the next key trend for digital business advancement. Trusted Twin is ideally positioned to serve this explosion of data needs that business operations are already feeling,” concludes ff Venture Capital’s Machei Skarul.

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