POLTE, an innovator and provider of cellular and GPS technology, has announced that it is discontinuing services to its customers. This is a difficult situation for the company and its customers. The main question from their customers is, “How do we track our remote assets now?” The project manager may also be asking, “How do I recover my critical IoT project?”

Help! How do I track my critical assets?

If you’ve been a PoLTE customer, you probably have a few scenarios running through your mind. Trying to figure out how to continue tracking your assets properly without the company doing it for you. You have assets deployed and now you have no visibility into where those assets are. You’ve invested heavily in technology that no longer works, and you need to restore the reliability of your project as quickly as possible.

Link Labs works with PoLTE to provide over-the-air firmware updates to convert your current PoLTE system to AirFinder. We can help you not only recover the assets you have deployed, but also provide you RTLS a solution that will provide even more benefits and stand the test of time. Our team understands the deep technical aspects required for a complete IoT platform that works efficiently and provides the insights needed to drive company strategy.

PoLTE is not the only IoT company to fail

According to one group, 30% of US IoT companies in 2019 are out of business by 2021. Covid has been a challenge for many companies and those in IoT have been particularly hard hit. Companies are still seeing impacts with longer sales cycles and hesitancy on the part of buyers to commit — even as they understand the immediate ROI that IoT can provide. Link Labs has been in this space since 2014, so we understand why other companies have failed and what needs to be done to prevent this from happening to our customers. Some have tried to minimize the risk of IoT investments by building their own solutions from multiple vendors. This may save some upfront margin costs, but adds even more risk to the equation. IoT technology is very complex and it is too much for one person with many job responsibilities to keep up with and know they are getting the right technology. Technology changes so quickly that you need to work with a partner who understands the market well and can provide you with these solutions without bias towards their own technology. This is where Link Labs comes in.

How can I confidently choose a new IoT platform?

You’re probably trying to decide a few things: 1) How do I maintain my current investment and 2) How do I move forward from here? Link Labs can help you recover as much as possible from past PoLTE investments and help you build a solution that will create the most value for your company in the future. We can move very quickly with custom development (1-2 weeks) and our team strives to understand what and why you are trying to solve with IoT. We’ll talk about the pain points and how to solve them with different types of technology. We tackled the complexities of an IoT platform—scalability, security, interoperability, configurability, DevOps, data management, edge processing, remote control, and device management—all to gain insights from analytics and dashboards. We’ll work with you to determine what works best for your use case and how to overcome any technical challenges to get back to focusing on your business.

How it works?

AirFinder everywhere is a complete location tracking solution, which means we supply the technology and hardware to facilitate the installation process and ensure a secure system. SuperTag uses a combination of GPS, Cellular, WiFi and AirFinder Network to provide real-time location and monitoring information and reduce costs.

AirFinder provides companies with benefits including

  • Temperature, humidity and impact monitoring
  • Real-time inventory levels and replacement requirements
  • Recovery of lost sales
  • Waste reduction
  • Pallet monitoring and recovery
  • Risk reduction
  • Supply chain visibility and efficiency
  • Asset utilization planning
  • Monitoring and Disclosure of Zones
  • Reporting and analytics

Are you ready to talk?

If you’ve used PoLTE to track your assets, you already know how important IoT asset tracking is. Moving to a new RTLS solution doesn’t have to be complicated. Talk to our sales team to learn how we can make the transition to a new solution easy.


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