The city of Portage, based in Michigan, USA, has signed a contract with NORESCO to implement an energy efficiency project worth $ 1.1 million.

The project aims to improve key urban buildings and parks to reduce energy consumption and greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions.

NORESCO, which provides solutions for energy efficiency, sustainability and infrastructure, analyzes urban facilities to identify and design measures to reduce operating costs for energy and non-personnel.

Almost all the interior lighting in the town hall will be upgraded to LED technology, as well as a large part of the lighting in the public safety building.

“We congratulate the city of Portage for commissioning an in-depth analysis of the possibilities for operational and budgetary costs,” said Jim Williams, Vice President of NORESCO.

“Even cities like Portage, which have a proven history of budget acumen and responsible use of city funds … can benefit from deeper diving into energy budgets and construction operations.”

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The project will focus on:

In urban parks, energy efficiency, lighting quality and maintenance requirements will be improved when high-intensity discharge bodies remain, which the light paths have been upgraded with LED technology.

The building systems in the town hall will work more efficiently and with improved air quality and comfort due to improvements in the mechanical and energy management systems.

New high-efficiency boilers, coolers and roof modules will be installed in the public safety building to increase overall energy efficiency and replace equipment at the end of its life.

It is reported that with the implementation of these improvements, the city will have reduced energy and maintenance costs and will avoid the corresponding projected future capital costs.

The project also aims to provide benefits from decarbonisation and is expected to reduce annual emissions of carbon dioxide equivalents in the city by 418 metric tons.

The expected reduction in greenhouse gases is equal to carbon released from 495 acres of US forest in one year, providing improvements to community air quality.

Portage collaborates with NORESCO to reduce energy use and emissions

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