Fine Cut has big plans for 2022 with a whole range of investments planned to improve productivity, economical production and reduce energy costs. The plan should drive Fine Cut over the next 5 years with improved equipment, cleaner and better work areas.
The investments started at the beginning of the year with the hiring of 5 new employees, distributed both in the office and in the factory. Key staff were recruited to fill the gaps and ease tensions from the growing workload.
In 2022, a fully modular finishing machine will be introduced to be integrated into the roll-to-roll division – this machine will allow faster execution times and greater capacity to pass through this growing department.
Digital Suite will improve its digital cutting capabilities by 200% to meet the increase in print production and speed up turning times with double the cutting ability. And the addition of another flatbed printer later in the year will meet requirements that are currently beyond the capabilities of current digital printing machines.

The factory will be drastically updated with the relocation of the screen printing department and the expansion of digital and laser packages. The updates take into account the new heating and ventilation, which not only significantly reduce costs, but also significantly reduce their carbon footprint. Completion of work in the fall will allow the company to work smarter, not harder in 2023!

The publication Positive outlook for 2022 with planned investments first appeared in Manufacturing and Engineering.

Positive Outlook for 2022 with Planned Investments

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