This week’s Power Electronics Insights includes the 2022 edition of the PowerUp Expo, the latest developments from SiC and Gan, and an interesting article on Module Technology.

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This year’s Virtual Virtual Conference and Exhibition will focus on Wide Bandgap, Renewable Energy and Low Power.

June 28


(LT1) Production of CMOS incompatible SiC power supplies in Si Fabs
By Victor Veliadis, PhD, IEEE Fellow, CEO and CTO, PowerAmerica and Professor of Electrical and Computer Engineering, North Carolina State University

Other lectures by Marco Palma, Director of Motor Drive Systems and Applications, EPC, Satya Dixit, Board Member and Advisor to Future Semiconductor Business (FSB), Peter Gamon, University of Warwick; Founder of PGC Consultancy, Martin Schultz, Global Director, Application Engineering, Littelfuse.

June 29


(WB1) System advantages of GaN and SiC devices in the next generation of on-board chargers and USB-C adapters with ultra-high power density – by Matthias Casper, Lead Chief Engineer, System Innovation Laboratory, Infineon Technologies Austria

Key notes:

(WB2) Clear design of reliable and efficient motor drivers – by Christian Ionescu Katrina, Senior Product Marketing Manager, Power Integrations

(WB3) Activation of GaN-based applications today, tomorrow and beyond – by David Snook, GaN Products Manager, Texas Instruments

June 30


(LP1) Energy Gathering and Digital Isolation for IoT Sustainability, Security and Data Integrity – by Gopalan Maps, General Manager, Isolation Business Unit, Industrial Automation at Analog Devices

(EN1) Why sustainable energy is essential for a better future – by Hassan El-Kuri, President and CEO, onsemi

Key notes:

(LP2) The Rise of Wireless Energy Networks – by Cesar Johnston, CEO, Energous

(EN2) From sun to wheels – silicon carbide is the future of green energy – by Guy Moxie, Senior Director of Power Marketing, Wolfspeed

(EN3) The widespread deployment of SiC MOSFETs in electric vehicles accelerates electrification and benefits industrial applications – by Filippo Di Giovanni, Strategic Marketing, Innovation and Key Program Manager, Macro Transistor, STMicroelectronics

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Although silicon is the most widely used semiconductor in electronics, recent studies show that it has some limitations, especially in high-power applications. Bandwidth is an important factor for semiconductor-based circuits, as high bandwidth offers advantages in terms of operation at high temperatures, voltages and frequencies.

SSR chip.

Texas Instruments recently introduced a new portfolio of solid state relays, including insulated drivers and car-qualified switches that provide industry-leading reliability to make electric vehicles safer.

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In this paper, we analyze the static and dynamic behavior of some FET devices made of silicon carbide and gallium nitride. Companies are focusing on those types of components that allow the creation of high-efficiency converters and inverters. This article is a continuation of the previous one, which you can find here.

µModule Technology.

In an interview with Power Electronics News, Afshin Odabaee of ADI, Business Development Director for μModule Energy Products, and Bhakti Waghmare, Product Marketing Engineer, highlighted the latest developments and challenges in the energy industry.

During our Wine Down Friday, we talk to Dennis Riccio and Robert Rhodes, co-founders of X-trinsic, about their semiconductor careers.

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