Speaker 1: This is a Sony Xperia, mark four inside the displayed lowered body. This is a telephoto lens that lies on its side. The lens has small elements that can move freely, back and forth to zoom in and out. No other phone can do this Speaker 1: First. Let me get this out of the way. Suddenly give me a pre-production sample of the exterior, sign four, the software is not final. And since that is the case, [00:00:30] this video is only an in-depth first look, as opposed to a full review. Most people would be surprised to learn that Sony still makes phones, but if you are a creative type, photographer, director, gamer or audio file, Sony and its experienced phone lines are after your heart, creativity and wallet. And what is great on the exterior. The fourth sign is that it has received a significant redesign and is full of features. No other phones [00:01:00] sold today, so let’s talk about design. Speaker 1: Now you can look at this phone and say: Hey Patrick, what are you talking about? It looks exactly the same as the previous model. Look, I admit that the family resemblance is undeniable and generally still looks like a thin black, tall rectangle, but the sides are flat, reminiscent of the iPhone 13. The design looks more solid. The Google Assistant button is missing, thank you, Sony. [00:01:30] And what’s left is a power button that serves as a fingerprint reader, a special shutter button that you can use as a shortcut to open the camera, and a volume button that doubles as a zoom button. The experience with one rating of four still retains the headphone jack and the unnecessary SIM card tool and micro SD tray for expandable storage. The phone is covered with Vitu gorilla glass and has an IP 68 rating for water and dust resistance, which means it can be immersed under a stirrer [00:02:00] water for 30 minutes. Speaker 1: A. And in the US it is only available in black, no flashy design or Peck, even colors show you where Sony’s priorities are, which is almost everything else on the phone. It has a 4k display that has a refresh rate of 120 Hz. No other phone has this. Now last year’s exterior, the mark three had a similar display, but I found it to be more of a D, especially in sunlight. The new display is 50% brighter and is something [00:02:30] you, you just have to see it in person, because everything looks sharp, clear and bright, and the contrast is good. And then there are the cameras Speaker 1: And all the cameras got an upgrade this year. And I want to start with the selfie camera, which already has a new, larger 12-megapixel sensor. And if you manage to go through some of the skin softening tools you can turn off, you take good pictures compared to [00:03:00] iPhone 13 pro and pixel six pro, Sony is approaching in terms of selfie image quality, but the iPhone is still a bit sharper and the pixel still does a little better, splitting the foreground and background for portrait boats, selfies . You can use the selfie camera in the video pro app to record 4k video and access slightly more advanced controls than the main video. On the back. There are three cameras, an ultra wide angle camera with F 2.2 [00:03:30] 16mm equivalent lens, main wide angle camera with equivalent lens F 1.7 24mm with optical image stabilization and telephoto camera with lens F 2.3 to F 2.8 from 85mm to 125mm equivalent lens with OIS speaker: And get this speaker. All cameras have new sensors with faster read speeds, which means they can perform multiple calculations [00:04:00] and processing in fractions of a second. And it’s not just the main camera. You can take a series of photos at one frame per second with auto exposure and autofocus with all cameras. Let’s go back to the telephoto camera. Other phones have telephoto cameras and even those that are mounted sideways inside the body like last year’s Amir with a small Periscope, the Xperia one, mark three had a dual zoom lens [00:04:30] telephoto camera, where the lens element will physically move between two positions this year. It is not limited to two focal lengths between 85 millimeters and 125 millimeters or 3.5 times to 5.2 times. Raise. All this is optical zoom all the time. No digital scaling or cropping happens, and that’s really remarkable. Speaker 1: Of course, with an optical zoom between 3.5 times [00:05:00] 5.2 times. Magnification allows you to have absolutely the best image quality. This phone can display without any deterioration that comes with digital zoom and combine this with Sony’s autofocus for the eyes, all this is useful for isolating your subject and keeping it in focus like this dog photo. It also provides you with a large number of video recording options so that you do not see a radical change in image quality as you zoom in and out, among other things, you can zoom in digitally. [00:05:30] passed 5.2 times modifications to 15.6 times or the equivalent of 375 millimeters. Obviously the image quality is affected, especially in photos with medium and low light. Now check out some of my favorite photos and videos I took with the Xperia one, brand four, speaker 1: [00:06:30] This 4k 120 fps video you watch, I think, is really impressive, especially when shooting in good light, but what can compare all this to two of the best songs you can buy, which also have excellent cameras. I took a few pictures with the exterior, brand four, pixel six pro and iPhone 13 pro to get an idea. The biggest conclusion is that in good light, even medium light, like these photos of Aase with flowers [00:07:00] that I took pictures indoors of all three phones look good. The pixel image looks the sharpest, but I like the way Sony portrays colors. Here are some pictures of a bunch of motorcycles I took outdoors. The photos from iPhone and Sony are very similar, but the pixel intensifies the shadows more than the other two, but when things get darker, we start to see the biggest difference between the phones, the experienced, the fourth sign I have no night load. Speaker 1: Can take a good picture in low light [00:07:30] like this photo of a cocktail at the Deb bar, but look at these street photos that I took by hand, the iPhone and pixel photos that both use night mode look much better. Sony’s photo looks soft and confused. See all the noise reduction that happens in Phone Watchers. I will leave you with one last comparison. These are some videos I shot outdoors on Sunday morning. All three videos look good. The pixel has a kind of Moray, also known as the screen door effect, which happens with bricks and the phone [00:08:00] conductors. The video on the iPhone looks good, but the colors are slightly exaggerated from what they were in real life. It was as if the sky wasn’t so blue and Stony’s video looked best in my eyes. All that needs to be said is that the four-grade experience is impressive, but Google and Apple’s progress in computer photography. Speaker 1: However, give them an advantage in terms of image quality. Experience one rating four has three applications focused on photos videos. There is [00:08:30] photo pro video pro and cinema pro video pro is starting to become one of my favorite ways to capture video on my phone. I can easily log in to my new data, custom settings or just activate automatic mode to undo everything. While image quality is extremely important. I think these apps help Sony stand out compared to the iPhone and the pixel or even the galaxy S 22 ultra after about a week with the phone, I’m impressed with the cameras. So far, one oddity of this software is this [00:09:00] has trouble focusing at 5.2x magnification. I didn’t notice it too much, but Sony has a fix for its final version. Let’s talk about the presentation. The experience features a Qualcomm Snapdragon, an eight-generation one, a ship with 12 gigabytes of RAM and comes with 128 gigabytes of storage. It has 5g and keeps the millimeter wave below six and the C band one up for all that power. And the 4k display is that the games are [00:09:30] excitement of the experience. The game enhancer allows custom controls and settings for each game, but there is a downside. Speaker 1: Let’s talk about the battery, combining all this power 5g and this brighter 4k display with 120 Hz for refresh rate. And this phone is diverse. His phone is very thirsty for power. Fortunately, Sony has included a larger battery of 5,000 million ampere hours. And so far battery life [00:10:00] feels better compared to last year ‘s experience with a rating of three, but is still shy of other leading phones. Now I’m looking forward to testing the phone in more depth. Once we receive the final software. But when I was shooting this video, I spent about 30 minutes playing games like Pub mobile Alto’s Odyssey and taking pictures and recording videos with the phone while it was connected to wifi and the phone was hot to the touch. I don’t know if this is due to the fact that the software is not final, but it reduces my enthusiasm. [00:10:30] However, another wrinkle I experienced is with the music pro app. Now this is a new app from Sony that can provide a studio setting for vocals in the video that Sony shared with me, a singer recording, her vocal song on Wendy Beach and a music professional on Wendy’s roof, essentially applying a combination of declining noise D reverberation and studio microphone simulations to her song in the demo they showed me. This is quite impressive. Check listening. Speaker 2: [00:11:00] Oh, oh, oh, oh, oh, oh, [00:11:30] o Speaker 1: Unfortunately. The new music application. I wasn’t ready to try, frankly, next to the music pro cameras may be the biggest new feature of this phone. Finally, let’s talk about the price. The Xperia one brand four is $ 1,600. Yes Yes Yes. That’s $ 300 more expensive than the exterior for $ 1,300 a brand three and [00:12:00] the external, brand four doesn’t even come with a USBC cable or power adapter in the box. Now somehow the technology innovation in this phone, I feel justifies the price of $ 1600. But for most people, I included $ 1,600 for a phone, just out of my budget. I’m more likely to buy a special camera, but for people who can afford it, [00:12:30] experie one, mark four is full of technical innovations and software that caters to creative people who love to customize Sony conducts a pre-order deal where you can buy Imperial, bookmark four and get a free pair of Sony. Speaker 1: WVF 1000 XM four real wireless headphones that cost about $ 280. Personally, I wish Tony had offered a package that included a photo handle and remote control instead of headphones [00:13:00] and a small magnetic external monitor that allows you to use the rear cameras as a selfie camera. So that’s all I have. If you want to pre-order the external one, mark four or learn more about it. See the links in the description. But now I want to hear from you guys. What do you think about the exterior? Mark four. Do the specifications and features justify the price? And if you are considering taking one, say your thoughts in the comments.


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