Empowering engineers to maintain their industrial networks is the goal of Procentec, so visitors to Hannover-Messe 2022 will be delighted to hear that there is a physical booth at the global trade show. But the developer will demonstrate more than just automation products, with which he is well known. He will also reveal his new corporate identity and promises to be a life affair.

“This is the first event where we will present our new colors to the public,” said global sales manager Jonathan Machin. “Our updated CI reflects our unique capabilities and fearless attitude and really sets us apart. We can’t wait to find out. “

The personal presence of the event became more important in light of the company’s withdrawal at the last moment of its physical stand from SPS 2021. The revival of Covid-19 prompted management to put the safety of its employees first and focus entirely on presenting virtual product. It was a remarkable success. However, Machin admits that there is nothing like a face-to-face meeting with clients:

“Over the last few years, the needs of our customers have changed. The demand for remote access to industrial networks is really growing. We want to show them that we have listened to them all this time. And the best way to do that is in front of their eyes. “

What treats will Procentec offer at its stand this year? Well, he’s not quite ready to reveal the star of the show. He wants to make us guess a little more. But we were confident that users of fieldbus and Industrial Ethernet networks would be seriously impressed.

In addition to the main presentation of the product, Procentec will demonstrate several new features of Osiris, all of which are guaranteed to make life easier for the field technician when it comes to maintaining industrial communication protocols.

And don’t forget the new corporate identity, which we are told is bold, exciting and imaginative, just like the company itself.

“Expect a superhero adventure when you come to our booth,” Machin says with a smile. “You will be asked to forget for a while that you are an engineer and to experience something completely different.

If you want to see Procentec’s stay solutions but can’t travel to Hanover, you can join engineers and technicians from around the world on their presentation of 2022 Virtual Products. To register, go to releases.procentec.com. Attendance is free.

PROCENTEC® prepares us for a superhero experience at Hannover Messe 2022

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