Progress Infrastructure Software Provider has announced the launch of Progress Chef Cloud Security to extend DevSecOps with native cloud asset compliance support, allowing end-to-end management of local, cloud, and custom cloud resources. In a press release, the company said the proposal was complemented by new features in Chef’s portfolio, aimed at DevOps’ success in deploying the enterprise to provide a unified and scalable platform that accelerates the provision of secure and compatible versions of mixed computing applications. among.

Chef Cloud Security extends DevOps to cloud environments

As technology evolves and organizations look to the cloud, there is a growing need for businesses to apply proven, trusted DevOps approaches to public, private, and hybrid cloud workloads to meet cloud challenges, Progress said. Therefore, Chef Cloud Security is designed to provide the following benefits:

  • Facilitate existing skill sets without time-consuming and costly compliance and security management training for cloud technologies, including containers, Kubernetes and micro-services
  • Support for in-house cloud assets for multi-cloud deployment in AWS, Azure, Google and Alibaba clouds using certified CIS / DISA STIG profiles to scan and automatically detect security configuration issues
  • Coordinate security, development, testing, and participation in operations to facilitate security checks at every stage of the DevOps pipeline with coded artifacts, automated testing, and enterprise control and visibility
  • Support for success with t training, community and DevRel assistance, technical support, and cloud pricing and licensing.

“As businesses focus on the digital economy, the cloud will continue to play an even greater and even dominant role as the IT industry focuses on delivering greater efficiency, flexibility and faster innovation.” , commented Jim Mercer, Research Director, DevOps and DevSecOps, at IDC. “Chef’s product development priorities are aimed at improving security and compliance performance for customers, creating a unified DevOps approach to application assets, and facilitating the adoption and use of Chef’s portfolio,” he added.

Chef InSpec’s new features improve compliance and security

Along with the launch of the Chef Cloud Security proposal, Progress has announced new features in its core Chef InSpec security and compliance mechanism. The company said it has expanded data protection to include SAP ASE, IBM DB2, Mongo, Cassandra, Oracle, MS SQL. It also provides CIS host coverage for new RHEL, CentOS, Ubuntu Linux and Mac OS Monterey distributions. Progress has also expanded its CIS benchmark account coverage for AWS, Azure, and GCP with custom pre-built service and resource templates for more than 100 cloud resources to reduce security deployment efforts.

“Over the past few years, Chef – now led by Progress – has placed significant emphasis on building security and compliance capabilities to make the DevSecOps concept achievable for our customers,” said Sundar Subramanian, Executive Vice President and General Manager, DevSecOps, Progress. “Through a policy approach like code, we are extremely excited to see what our customers will achieve as they pursue DevOps from end to end.”

Progress is set to debut with the latest additions to its portfolio during a live virtual event on May 25.

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