Here are highlights of recent hires and relocations in the industry, published in May issue of MCV / DEVELOP.

Splash Damage, as always, is hired, with five new beginners to call for.

first, Chris Ginder joins the team as a technical artist. Before joining Splash, Ginder worked on a number of games, such as Total War: Rome Remastered, Isolation of aliens, XCOM 2 and Grid Autosport.

The following Ryan Barry joins Splash as an audio designer. Prior to joining the Splash Damage team, Barry worked at Cloud Imperium Star citizen and Squadron 42.

Still on Splash Damage, Stefano Quattrochi joins as Senior Development Manager. The role is Quattorcchi’s first foray into game development, having previously held roles in retail and media.

Joel Falerini joins as a senior UI artist. Prior to that, Falerini worked briefly with Square Enix on an FFT-inspired project and worked in B2B & Heritage advertising.

And finally with Splash Damage, Anirud Valpadasu joins as an online programmer. Prior to Splash, Valpadasu worked at EA, on the digital platform experience team, player and developer.

Marvelous Europe has a new community manager in the form of Kiera Rodway. Previously working with and joining the streaming tool Dare Drop from PQube, Kiera will work on all Marvelous Europe games, including History of the seasons and Rune factory series titles.

Add agency Diva Emily Brit to his list of talents for executive leadership as head of communications. Prior to that, Britt held international PR roles at 2K, Square Enix and Pokémon Company International.

Julia Kenny joined Thunderful as Scouting Manager at Thunderful Games. She was previously a content and partnership manager at Sega.

There are some new moves and promotions in Ubisoft, starting with Stephen McGarry, who has been promoted to Director of Communications in the United Kingdom. McGary was previously Head of Communications and has been with Ubisoft since 2015.

Still at Ubisoft, Livy Garner has been promoted to Communications Manager in the UK. Garner was previously a junior communications manager and first joined Ubiosft in 2014 as an intern marketing assistant.

Ubisoft has also promoted Sylvia Gomis-Lopez of Junior Communications Manager. Gomis-Lopez previously served as Chief Communications Officer in the United Kingdom and has been with the company since 2020.

Then at Ubisoft, David Robinson has moved from his previous role in the company ‘s corporate affairs team to become UK Communications Manager – Corporate Affairs and CRC.

Finally at Ubisoft, Michael Rochelle has been promoted from Sales Manager to Sales Director in the UK. Rochel has been with Ubisoft since 2007, having previously been a UK sales manager at Konami.

Kalypso Media has three new beginners to share, starting with Kaylee Gilkerson who rejoins the company as their PR and marketing manager after a career break. Gilkerson has previously worked on titles such as Tropico 4, Port Royal 3 and Dungeons.

Eli Dipple also joins Kalypso as PR CEO. This is Dipple’s first job in the gaming industry, having previously worked for Mark Allen Group and The White Company.

Finally in Calypso, Andrew Clancy joined the team as their new sales manager in the UK. Clancy joined Kalypso Media after seven years at GAME, most recently as a buyer after joining for the first time in 2014.

Sumo Group has a whole range of employees – here are just four of them! first, Nizar Chihuahua joins Sumo Sheffield as a senior UI artist. A former freelance designer from France, Chikhaoui has worked for studios such as Motorsport Games, Codemasters and Nacon, Warhammer.

O’Shea himself also joins Sumo Sheffield as Global Mobility Manager. Prior to that, O’Shea worked as Head of Mobility in the United Kingdom at Capgemini and worked for Deloitte UK and Crown Relocations.

Jess Blinkow joined Sumo Newcastle as an assistant producer. Blinkou has previously worked in video game retail, civil service and as an English teacher in Japan.

finally Vicki Howatt joined Secret Mode, Sumo’s publishing division, as a product marketing manager. Howat joins the Secret Mode team with experience in marketing and global consumer insights.

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Ins and Outs: May 2022’s industry hires roundup

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