MOBILE, Alabama (WKRG) – Prosecutors closed their case Tuesday in a trial against a former Spring Hill College football star accused of rape. The state rested on the sixth day of the trial after calling about 10 witnesses.

On the last day of testimony called by the state, a forensic scientist, a leading detective working for Spring Hill College police and a sergeant in the Mobile County Sheriff’s Office testified about his involvement in the case.

The forensic examiner examined in detail the forensic evidence he was analyzing, including the victim’s underwear, the bottom of his bathing suit, a sheet, a swab and an extension cord.

None of these items revealed foreign DNA, but an oral swab made for the victim as part of a rape kit revealed the presence of male DNA. According to the testimony, there was not enough to determine whose it was.

In addition, an extension cord from the victim’s dormitory was examined for blood, which is directly related to the defendant Vasil Kokali. This put him at the scene of this alleged incident, according to the testimony.

In addition to the scientist, the chief detective who works for the police in Spring Hill, testifies to the chronology of events, what witnesses he questioned and how he came to the decision to prosecute this case as a major crime.

The last witness to testify on Tuesday was a sergeant from the Mobil County Sheriff’s Office. She spoke about telephone recordings she received and text messages sent between Kokali and several friends after the incident, which she said revealed his thinking after the meeting.

The defense will begin calling witnesses on Wednesday at 9 a.m.

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