QinetiQ and Inzpire have succeeded delivered Surface combat training scenario for the United Kingdom (RN) Duke Class 23 frigate, HMS Lancaster.

The script accompanying the training of the warship Exercise Sharpshooter 22 (EXSS 22) was provided in collaboration with the RN Naval Operations Training (FOST).

It was carried out at QinetiQ’s T3E test site at the United Kingdom’s Ministry of Defense (MOD) Aberporth, a base for testing weapons and air-launch systems.

The exercise allowed personnel to use ammunition from short- and medium-range weapons against remotely controlled dynamic surface ships and stationary targets.

Inzpire Chief of Marine Division Nick Bourbon said: “Inzpire was happy to support FOST and work with QinetiQ to generate realistic scenarios that accompany HMS Lancaster’s improved Sharpshooter lethal training.

“By developing and providing dynamically controlled training vignettes, Inzpire provided an immersive tactical shell that allowed the ship’s crew the freedom to control weapon systems against the many QinetiQ targets, allowing them to train more effectively while fighting. “

The first two days of EXSS 22 assessed the operational capability of the Type 23 frigate to use artillery systems against stationary targets, along with other enemy interactions of cruise missiles for coastal defense and naval patrol aircraft.

The scenario included several time-sensitive tactical dilemmas designed to practice the ability to quickly prioritize and strike high-risk targets moving at real-world speed.

The complexity of the script has increased over the last day. HMS Lancaster had to respond and manage multiple targets using its ammunition and weapon systems.

Targets include synthetic attacks with cruise missiles for coastal defense, fast coastal attack ships and naval patrol aircraft.

EXSS 22 was also supported by the Marine Ability Test and Assessment Team (MCTA), 29th Command Regiment, Royal Artillery and v148 (Meiktila) Commando Commando Forward Observation Battery.

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