Qorvo has expanded its 1200V family of products and extended its Gen 4 SiC FET technology to higher voltage applications.

The new UF4C / SC series of 1200V Gen 4 SiC FETs is ideal for on-board chargers for electric vehicles, industrial battery chargers, industrial power supplies, DC / DC solar inverters, welding machines, uninterruptible power supplies and induction heating applications.

Anup Bhala, vice president of engineering at UnitedSiC (now Qorvo), told Power Electronics News: “During the pandemic, we ended up launching our Generation 4 technology and came to PCIM to present our 1200V Gen 4 technology.

He also told us: “The other big thing that happened was that on October 21, UnitedSiC was bought by Qorvo. We are also here to show what Qorvo did before acquiring United SiC, and to show where the potential is. “

Regarding the future, Anup Bhala said: “SiC has really developed in the last year or two, despite the pandemic. But the fact that the business is growing so fast means that whatever technological development we do before, it will become even more important and will probably accelerate. “

“As volumes get much better, I think quality requirements are getting tougher, with lower bounce rates and better quality products,” he added.

With four different RDS (included) classes, these new devices help designers choose the best SiC option for each design.

All RDS options (included) (23, 30, 53 and 70 millionths) are available in the industry-standard TO-247 package with a 4-pin Kelvin source, allowing cleaner switching at higher performance levels. The 3-pin package TO-247 is also available for devices with 53 and 70 millionths.

To take full advantage of the ultra-low resistivity, the new 1200V SiC FETs implement an advanced Ag-sinter mounting process that provides superior thermal performance. The best-in-class thermal resistance of the devices, Rth, jc, allows them to maintain good power performance, while achieving matrix shrinkage with lower capacity and lower switching losses.


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