Sachin Raoul is the co-founder of Blueheart, a digital sexual therapy application that aims to put relationship health on the public health agenda.

The London-based company’s application, which uses “smart algorithms” to create individual therapy for relationships, has been used by 50,000 couples in more than 150 countries.

Raoul fired Blueheart in 2020, after battling sexual dysfunction but lacking support for effective treatment due to social stigma and the high cost of therapy. The beginning of sex technology to raise more than £ 1 million initial funding in July 2020

This week, the Founder of Five Q&A, the founder of Blueheart, reveals his greatest regret for hiring, recalls a meeting with a fanatical investor and explains why he is excited about space technology.

1. What would you like to do differently when you start your company?

Sachin Raul: I want more than anything else to have introduced the CMO as part of the founding team, or at least as an early hire. Every technology book you’ve ever read focuses on product teams and a simple business strategy that saves people time or money.

But there are millions of business categories that don’t do any of these things – chocolate, movies, fashion, ad infinitum. Creating a brand is just as important as creating a great product for your success, and the sooner you start building your audience, the better.

2. What is your worst experience?

SR: An investor once told me that I could not be an ethnic minority at a disadvantage because Indians are “literally the largest majority in the world.” Then they were confused when I called a staff member ‘them’ and said very clearly that they were ‘certain men’.

Nothing comes close to the absurdity of this terrain and how rude some people in this world can be.

3. How do you prevent burnout for yourself and your staff?

SR: The most effective technique for preventing burns is my connection. Not relationships with friends or family, but romantic relationships. When there is someone who means so much to you, it takes you away from your work and pushes you to spend time doing things other than work that acts as a burnout.

The love, support and magical moments I have with my partner make the stress of building a company all the more bearable.

4. What is a fact about you that people may find surprising?

SR: I will not be remembered for my technology innovations, but I will be remembered as an installation artist. Act two, coming soon.

5. Which emerging technology is most promising?

SR: Space technology is the most important area of ​​innovation that will save humanity. It is a mathematical fact that in order for humans to exist, we will have to solve interplanetary and interstellar travel. Whether for food, space or just to avoid an asteroid destroying the planet, we will have to diversify our home planet.

Space technology is less than 50 years old, but it will determine the security of human life, and this is the most exciting field of technology that exists.

Founder in Five – a series of UKTN questions and answers with entrepreneurs behind innovative startups, large-scale projects, unicorns and public technology companies in the UK – is published every Friday.

Founder in Five: Q&A with Blueheart’s Sachin Raoul

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