Digital bank radicant launched SDG Impact Solutions, a series of 11 financial products including three funds and eight actively managed certificates.

These products allow clients to invest in broadly diversified funds representing the 17 UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) as well as sustainable investment themes identified by radicant.

The securities for the 11 products were selected from companies whose purpose, products, services and operational processes have a positive impact on the SDGs based on Radicant’s assessment.

The company says those valuations will be made available to prospective investors in the radicant app, which will launch in 2023.

radicant is a collaboration between the Swiss cantonal bank Basellandschaftliche Kantonalbank (BLKB) and Dr. Anders Bally, founder of the venture firm Bally Capital Partners.

Anders Bali

Anders Bali

“radicant identifies and promotes solutions that contribute to the achievement of the 17 UN SDGs through innovative financial services, investment products and transparency.

This allows investors to invest in sustainable themes that are closest to their heart and that they want to support, to contribute themselves to the achievement of the 17 UN goals, while continuing to build their own wealth.”

said Anders Bali, CEO and co-founder of radicant.

Jan Poser

Jan Poser

“Radical solutions to impact the SDGs not only offer contributions to sustainable development, but also attractive opportunities for returns.”

said Jan Poser, chief sustainable investment officer and co-founder of radicant.

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radicant Launches Investment Products That Support Sustainable Development